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Spooky Sleeper Plays at Tight End…


Dallas Clark goes down for the Colts and you want to cash in on his replacement. You couldn’t get him, though. Don’t worry.

Clark is a rare talent in this league. It would be foolish to think that Jacob Tamme will step in and put up Clark-like numbers right away. I’m not saying that he won’t contribute in some sense but he isn’t the vertical threat that Clark was. In my humble opinion Clark’s absence will translate into a heavier workload for Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Blair White, Mike Hart and Anthony Gonzalez.

While we could have a conversation about Tamme simply because of Peyton Manning’s skill set, it doesn’t translate into fantasy points.

Here are some super sneaky Halloween plays:


1. Jared Cook, Tennessee

Cook is Bo Scaife’s backup. The Titans also use Craig Stevens as the main blocking tight end. The main reason I am high on Cook this week is that he poses serious matchup problems in San Diego. San Diego is going to be very busy accounting for Kenny Britt after his coming out party last week. Chris Johnson poses a significant threat on the ground. That makes Cook a very sneaky play. He has an incredible vertical leap and ran a 4.49 before adding 10 pounds in the offseason. His 6-foot-5 frame makes him a big target anyway. If Scaife misses time due to the groin, I think you may be pleasantly surprised.

Most sites I have read say that you should avoid Titans’ tight ends. I simply don’t agree. Monitor Scaife’s availability closely, folks. There may be a real sleeper alert come game day. I think at some point he emerges, and what better time than a weak matchup with the San Diego defense which allows more points to tight ends than receivers (28th in NFL, 5.43 points per week)? Cook is available in most leagues.

2. Donald Lee, Green Bay

The New York Jets are a solid defense, allowing 3.5 points to tight ends per week. So what? Aaron Hernandez gashed the Jets in Week 2 (six catches for 101 yards). In Week 3, Dolphins’ tight end Anthony Fasano beats Eric Smith on the post for a touchdown. In Week 4, Buffalo Bills tight end David Martin lines up in a two-tight end set and no one accounts for him, resulting in a touchdown. Do you see a pattern here? Throw in a bye week, and a team that didn’t know they had a tight end (Denver) to that 3.5 points a week stat.

I am on board with Lee as a sleeper this week. The Jets can’t stop the tight ends. The red zone belongs to Lee and Andrew Quarless this week. Lee is available in most leagues.

I gave you two spooky sleeper plays this week. While I may get my house egged after sharing them, I had the urge to look deeper than Tamme. While Tamme will do well eventually, this week I’d say that he puts up about 42 yards on three catches. Don’t forget that Tamme isn’t much of a blocker and Texans’ linebacker Brian Cushing is a pretty darn good coverage linebacker last time I checked. Yeah, you may be upset that you don’t have Tamme down the stretch but this week he’s in the trick column. Thanks for the read folks. I’ll be on my easy chair watching the NFL red zone and wondering who Mike Singletary will blame as the 49ers draw up his separation paperwork.

I don’t know how many weeks he will be able to draw unemployment, but I know his phone isn’t going to ring for another head coaching job any place that enjoys winning. I love being a St. Louos Rams fan because I realize we are building something better. The 49ers are in shambles and it feels like Christmas came early.

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