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Spooky Treats For Week 9

When I was a kid, we used to work the neighborhood until we had fat sacks of candy. There would be lots of mediocre candy like Lemon Heads, Hot Tamales, Good -n- Plenty, Mike and Ike and raisins.

I mean what kind of sick and twisted person gives raisins to kids? My friends and I were looking for the good stuff like Reese’s, Nerds, Milky Way, Three Musketeers, Baby Ruth, Bottle Caps and Razzles.

As we grew older, the thought was that quality outweighed quantity. That’s where this week’s Audibles and Halloween meet. You aren’t going to get volume from me, but I am going to give you a few things to think about. Let’s get started on what I think is important.

Treat (
Bottle Caps)

Ronnie Hillman’s emergence is not out of nowhere. The Denver Broncos have been bringing him along slowly, and I think they have done a great job with him. Willis McGahee has been running so well that you may believe that he is the only one who has value. Hillman doesn’t take from McGahee’s value, he adds to it. Based on the numbers to date, McGahee is touching the ball close to 20 times on the ground. In order to keep him fresh, there’s lots of room for Hillman. The Broncos won’t play from behind much with weaker opponents upcoming.

Peyton Manning has proved that he is more than capable of carving up most defenses. While Manning goes to work, he inspires the Denver defenders to play their best to get him the ball back. There is nothing more powerful than the belief in your team. It truly gets the best production out of everyone. Take a look at the game this week against a Cincinnati defense that ranks poorly against opposing running backs. Yeah, insert McGahee and Hillman here. It’s going to be a game that when Denver grabs the lead you’ll get a dose of both backs. It’s time to buy Hillman because the Broncos will need the ground game to sustain leads against weaker opponents.

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Don’t get too excited over the Detroit Lions acquiring Mike Thomas. I bet it’s more of a special teams play, anyhow. They have had problems previously on returns and Thomas fits that bill. His best season was in 2010 when he pulled in a whopping four touchdowns. This is hardly a scenario to be excited about.

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Pierre Garcon has been injury riddled all season after what looked like immediate chemistry with Robert Griffin III. Santana Moss has taken over that role, but it’s time that you move him as Garcon is very close to seeing the field. I’m not talking about looking at it, either. Owners in your league may have given up on him, and now is the time to reap the benefits. Look at your waiver wire and add him if you can get him. Trade for him if you can because his value has never been lower. Two weeks ago word came out that he may be done for the season. Let everyone speculate that he’s done. I was sold on him coming into this year and, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the man in Washington. Griffin III locked onto Moss because Aldrick Robinson and Leonard Hankerson have both had “skillet” hands this year. I said it, and it’s a term that old timers like me reserved for Rickey Dudley. When Garcon returns, it will be business as usual, and business will be good. I stand behind that, and I’ve been dead on with my preseason reads.

Trick (
healthy Fruit Roll Ups)

The Miami Dolphins defense is a marginal play this week. If you own the San Francisco, St Louis, New York Jets or New England defenses, you are searching for a bye week defense. Miami will have its hands full with Andrew Luck and the multiple receiving threats this week. The Dolphins do a great job stopping the run but are a bit shaky against a good passing team. This is a good passing team. Cameron Wake will have some success rushing the passer, but I believe that Luck will provide plenty to worry about.

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I would lean more towards a team defense like Cleveland, who is a nice sleeper play because the Browns play much better at home. There is no place like home. Just ask the Washington Redskins defense, who in the last three home games have seven sacks, seven turnovers, and, count them, three touchdowns in three home games. That was enough for me to add Washington in two leagues as a one week fill-for the San Francisco 49ers defense.

So, hopefully I have helped you fill your bags with enough of the good stuff that you are happy this week. If you aren’t, take solace in the fact that candy also goes on sale at nearly half price the day after Halloween. I mean what difference does it make if you whip out a peanut butter cup shaped like a pumpkin in November or December? Is someone going to throw the flag if your kids get pumpkin shaped treats in their stockings? It’s chocolate and peanut butter, and, if anyone has an issue, you can always play the Santa card.

Have a successful week and a safe non-holiday.

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