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SPORTS BETTING: Hockey Daily Bettor – Week 1

Week 1: Jan 20 – 24

January 24, 2021

Outcome: -45.50

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
NY Islanders 7:00pm PL +150 15 No bet
Winnipeg 9:00pm ML +123 15 Locked  L
NY Rangers 7:00pm ML +118 15 Locked  L  -15
NY Rangers@Pittsburgh 7:00pm O 6.5 10 Locked  L  -10
Toronto@Calgary 4:00pm U 6 5 No bet  
Winnipeg@Edmonton 9:00pm U 6.5 10 Locked  L  -10
NY Islanders@NJ Devils 7:00pm U 5.5 5 No bet  
Colorado@Anaheim 8:00pm U 5.5 5 Locked W  +4.50

Now that’s how you beat “the man”. We made nothing but good decisions yesterday, kudos to us. There wasn’t a lot on the slate so instead of being greedy, it was about taking what was given. We’ll take a little extra pocket money, particularly with the good paying Puck Line bet on Boston who rolled Philadelphia 6-1. For those not familiar, the Puck Line is unique to hockey betting. It’s essentially a bet that says you think a team will win by 2 or more goals or not lose by 2 or more goals. Since it’s harder to do, you get paid better to place a Puck Line bet, in this case, +163 and thanks to the Bruins winning by 5, that’s a winner. Our thanks go out to the Montreal Canadiens too for scoring 5 of the 7 goals we needed to push the total over 6 in Vancouver (5-2) to make January 23rd a clean sweep victory for the good guys. Eleven games in the NHL today.. let’s get to it.

January 23, 2021

Outcome: +29.80

Team Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Montreal@Vancouver 7:00pm O 6 15 Locked  W +13.50
Tampa Bay@Columbus 2:00pm U 5.5 10 No bet  — 0
7:00pm PL +163 10 Locked  W +16.30

Ouch. As mentioned, it’s a little early in the season yet and we don’t have a lot of trends to incorporate but the Rangers losing in a shootout.. Come on man. And what happened to San Jose’s sticks last night? One goal? Minnesota did their part in our over by scoring 4. Ah well, undeterred we move on. I’ve also seen this system get on hot streaks, it’s just been a bumpy ride to open things up but more data to feed it will continue to help. Just five games to choose from today and the lines makers did a good job of setting the lines today so not a ton of opportunity to be had.

January 22, 2021

Outcome: -46

Team Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Detroit 8:00pm ML +118 15 Locked  L -15
San Jose@Minnesota 8:00pm O 6 15 Locked  L  -15
NY Rangers 7:00pm ML +125 15 Locked  L  -15
Detroit@Chicago 8:00pm O 6 10 Locked  L  -10
NY Rangers@Pittsburgh 7:00pm O 6.5 10 Locked  W  +9

Losing happens too and last night was a loser as we close the door on a red January 21. There isn’t a lot of data yet to go on this early in the season, as we get a better look at how these teams are playing with a bigger sample size, we’ll start to get some better trends to rely on. For now though, we forge on!

January 21, 2021

Outcome: -24.50

Team Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Ottawa 7:08pm ML +108 20 Locked  L -20
Tampa Bay@Columbus 7:08pm U 5.5 20 Locked  W  +18
Montreal@Vancouver 9:38pm U 6.5 15 Locked  L  -15
Philadelphia@Boston 7:08pm U 5.5 7.50 Locked  L  -7.50

While it wasn’t a stunning defeat for the book, we count January 20th as a win for the good guys and we turn it green. San Jose at +160 paid out and off we go. This is what we have cooking for today. We’re all about the defense tonight. De-fence!

January 20, 2021

Outcome: +2

Team Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
San Jose@St. Louis 9:00pm O 6 25 Locked  L -25
Minnesota@Anaheim 9:30pm U 5.5 20 Locked  W +18
Edmonton@Toronto 7:00pm O 6.5 15 Locked  L
San Jose 9:00pm ML +160 15 Locked  W +24

Bet Type

PL – Puck Line
ML – Money Line
O – Over
U – Under


Odds are from DraftKings. Your odds may differ.


Used for reference. We treat all bets each day as an overall block so it is important to maintain the ratios between the bets when adjusting to your personal limits. If we show 15 and 20 for example for two separate bets.  Then appropriate bets would be, $15/$20, $30/$40 or $150/$200.


Pending: We are waiting for some final data, usually it’s confirmation of who the starting goalie’s will be in the game for both teams. Wagers are created each morning using the expected goalies. If expectations change, we reevaluate the bet before locking it in.

Warning: Something we are concerned about will be listed. It also remains as a pending bet.

No bet: Something has changed that has caused us to no longer consider this wager.

Locked: Place the bet.


Calculated using a 10% “vig” for straight bets and over/under bets. The vig is included in the odds for a ML (Money Line) bet.


I’ve wanted to start something like this for a good long while and I expect it to evolve over time. With sports betting opening up incrementally across the US, now seems like a good time to give it a shot. Finding opportunity in sports wagering has always been a passion of mine, just like how we generate fantasy football player projections, or the work I’ve done over the years in my “The Prognosticator” column here at Fantasy Sharks for football, it’s always been about finding an edge. The irony to my story is that I’m not really much of a gambler, the gratification for me has come from building better betting systems that find the seams that the odds makers try to hide.

One system that we’ve built from the ground up that has proven itself in our back testing is what we’ve built for football and publish at Fantasy Sharks but to branch out a bit from football, I personally have had good success with hockey. Over the years I’ve tried to model other sports like the NBA but that league has been a moving target for so long that at this moment in time, I’ve thrown my hands up trying to predict it. The same goes for MLB in a way. I haven’t spent a lot of time analyzing MLB to be fair and we may get there but for now, I’m going to just focus on the NHL. I like working with NHL odds because I feel there is an advantage to the player (us) inherently built into them. I’ve been close to the gaming industry for a long time, I’m part of it, and I know how much effort the odds makers put into their NFL and NBA lines, it’s their two biggest revenue generators and it’s mission critical for them to try and get them right. The NHL though tends to fly under the radar and because of it, I feel there’s more opportunity in their published odds/lines. I hope you find some value in this work and that you are able to use it to your advantage.