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SPORTS BETTING: Hockey Daily Bettor – Week 2

Week 2: Jan 25 – 31

January 31, 2021

Outcome: +6.85

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Philadelphia  7:00pm ML  -122 20 Locked W +15.60
Carolina 5:00pm ML -130 10 Locked W  +7
Anaheim 8:00pm ML +143 5 Locked
 L -5
St.Louis@Anaheim 8:00pm O 5.5 10 Locked  L -10
Dallas@Carolina 5:00pm U 5.5 7.50 Locked L -7.50
Columbus@Chicago 7:00pm U 5.5 5 No bet  
Ottawa@Edmonton 9:00pm O 6.5 7.50 Locked  W +6.75

What a night. Three underdogs, all three went to OT and all three.. lost. It’s somewhat uncanny, we’ve been riding a knife edge all week and just haven’t caught a break. The bets have been right, the underdogs taking the favorites to OT is proof of that. We’ve been so close but on we go. We’re going to need a good night tonight to prevent this week turning into a red week.

January 30, 2021

Outcome: -21.50

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
NY Rangers 7:00pm ML +100 15 Locked  L -15
NY Islanders 7:00pm ML +105 15 Locked  L -15
Detroit  7:00pm ML +155 5 Locked  L -5
Dallas@Carolina 7:00pm U 5.5 15 Locked  W +13.50
Nashville@Tampa Bay  7:00pm U 6 7.50 No bet
St.Louis@Anaheim  9:00pm U 5.5 5 No bet
Pittsburgh@NY Rangers  7:00pm O 6 7.50 No bet

With just one game last night we threw just a minimum bet on Chicago. Columbus was the favorite but the game was in Chicago, Chicago had the night off the night before and Columbus had to travel to Chicago in a back-to-back after playing Florida. Two good goalies in net almost attracted an under bet but instead, we just placed a quick fiver on Chicago for the +115 odds as the numbers showed they certainly had a better than 50/50 chance at winning. They lost 2-1, the under was right but the outcome was not. If the slate was bigger, we would have avoided the game entirely as it wasn’t that strong of a bet but like I said, with just one game on the card, we took the dog and the odds for a tiny bet just to have some skin in the game for Friday. It didn’t work out, so instead of Chicago buying us coffee this morning, we’re back on the travel mug. Twelve games on the card today so let’s get to work. We have twenty games between today and tomorrow to pull ourselves into a positive position for the week. We’re just one good day away, this week we’ve done a good job of minimizing losses while waiting for the big score. Enjoy the day.

January 29, 2021

Outcome: -5

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Chicago 8:00pm ML +115 5 Locked L -5

Boston has been automatic for us. It was so awfully close to being a really nice winning slate for us than the small win that we got but a win is a win. The Panthers lost in a shootout and Buffalo lost in OT.. we’ve been right on the edge of some of these games lately. The “Under 6” bet was also good yesterday for Tampa and Carolina. Carolina finally scored the one and only goal in the game in OT as both went into OT knotted at 0-0.. now that’s an under. Just one game today, Columbus at Chicago.

 January 28, 2021

Outcome: +3.80

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Boston 7:00pm ML -125 15 Locked  W +11.25
Boston 7:00pm PL +133 10 Locked  W +13.30
New Jersey 7:00pm ML +138 10 Locked  L  -10
Florida 7:00pm ML +100 10 Locked  L  -10
Buffalo 7:00pm ML -109 7.50 Locked  L  -7.50
Tampa Bay@Carolina 7:00pm U 6 7.50 Locked  W +6.75
Detroit@Dallas 8:30pm U 5.5 7.50 No bet

It all lined up last night for us with Ottawa and Vancouver just needing one more goal to start the 3rd period to cover.. until it didn’t. The backup goalies got the start which wasn’t announced until they both led the teams out. We were looking at the over anyway and that just sealed the deal. Vancouver did their part by scoring 5 of the 7 goals we needed to hit. Ottawa did not.. scoring just 1 goal which gave us a total of 6 or.. half a goal short.  On we go.  I still like how things are lining up, and better days are ahead but for now, we’re minimizing losses and looking forward to really just one good day to turn this ship around.

January 27, 2021

Outcome: -15

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Ottawa@Vancouver 8:00pm O 6.5 15 Locked  L

What a slate of games to choose from yesterday. We won some and we lost some. I thought we were being sneaky by upping the bet on the Chicago and Nashville game due to some last minute goalie substitutions but we got burned on that one, we were one goal short and it was the difference between a win and a slight loss for the day. It’s a good lesson in wagering to remind myself of, which is that being greedy, never pays. Just two games today and only one bet that we are watching.

January 26, 2021

Outcome: -3.45

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Boston  7:00pm ML -134
Locked W
Winnipeg  8:00pm ML -103 15 Locked W  14.85
Pittsburgh@Boston  7:00pm O 5.5 10 Locked L -10
Florida@Columbus 7:00pm O 5.5 10 No Bet
Chicago@Nashville  7:30pm O 6 20 Locked L -20
Toronto@Calgary  9:00pm U 6.5 7.50 Locked L -7.50
NYIslanders@Washington  7:00pm U 5.5 10 Locked  W 9
Philadelphia@New Jersey  7:00pm U 5.5 7.50 Locked L -7.50
Detroit@Dallas  8:30pm U 5.5 5 Locked W 4.50

The O/U never moved off 6.5. We wanted the over if it moved to 6, ultimately Vancouver covered on their own in a 7-1 trouncing of Ottawa, we just never got the line we wanted. It’s another point to make, sometimes the vig is outrageous and you need to back off those bets too. It’s hard enough to win at sports handicapping, it’s highway robbery paying something like 35% for a bet. Just pass on those, you’ll be glad that you did.

January 25, 2021

Outcome: 0

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
 Ottawa@Vancouver 10:00pm       No bet  

January 24th was not kind to us. Only one game in the NHL today and unless the O/U drops to 6 from 6.5 (take the over), or the expected starting goalies change, this is a no bet game.

Bet Type

PL – Puck Line
ML – Money Line
O – Over
U – Under


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Used for reference. We treat all bets each day as an overall block so it is important to maintain the ratios between the bets when adjusting to your personal limits. If we show 15 and 20 for example for two separate bets.  Then appropriate bets would be, $15/$20, $30/$40 or $150/$200.


Pending: We are waiting for some final information, usually it’s confirmation of who the starting goalie’s will be in the game for both teams. Wagers are created each morning using the expected goalies. If expectations change, we reevaluate the bet before locking it in.

Warning: Something we are concerned about has occurred and we are waiting for confirmation. The bet remains a pending bet but it’s leaning more toward a no bet with the latest undesirable developments.

No bet: Something has changed that has caused us to no longer consider this wager.

Locked: Place the bet.


Calculated using a 10% “vig” for straight bets and over/under bets. The vig is included in the odds for a ML (Money Line) bet.