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SPORTS BETTING: Hockey Daily Bettor – Week 3

Week 3: Feb 1 – Feb 7

February 7, 2021

Outcome: -20

Team(s) Vs. Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Washington Philadelphia 12:00pm ML +105 10 Locked L
Florida Detroit 3:00pm PL +108 10 Locked L
Las Vegas L.A. 3:00pm ML -245 10 No bet
Las Vegas L.A. 3:00pm O 5.5 5 No bet

Beautiful. It has been a grand two days as we are 6-1 against the house in that span and that one loss was in a shootout! As we continue to refine our betting logic, good things are coming to those that wait as we are 10-3 picking game winners this week. We’re up a bunch heading into Sunday, let’s see if we can add to our haul today to close out the week. It was good to see another slate yesterday that had a lot of opportunity in it, that’s two in a row now that there have been holes in what they posted. Five games on the card today; let’s get to work.

Update 10am: There is some opportunity today but let’s keep it light, these are all solid bets but unlike yesterday, there are no loud screaming “bet me!” plays like the Islanders and Montreal were. I’m including a min bet Over. It’s probably a mistake but it’s the first legitimate over/under play to show up in five days so what the heck, let’s place it to help with the payout ratio against a greedy -245 money line. As a bet pairing in the Vegas/L.A. game, the Over bet should hopefully help to retrieve a profit from those steep odds in the ML bet.

February 6, 2021

Outcome: +38.73

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
NY Islanders 7:00pm ML -110 25 Locked W +22.50
Calgary 10:00pm ML -121 10 Locked
W  +7.90
Montreal 1:00pm ML -240 20 Locked W  +8.33

It was almost a clean sweep last night against the house but Anaheim lost in a shoot out. That’s still a much better result and things are rolling again for us. Let’s get to work with some early afternoon games on the card today.

Update: It’s interesting how since we swore off O/U bets for a bit, again today, there are no O/U bets that we would have placed. In fact, ever since we swore them off which is now four slates ago, not one O/U bet has popped up as a good bet. Not one. Divine intervention? Maybe. The books are also getting more data to set the lines (like we are). Some days they just leave us scraps but yesterday, there were a lot of holes in what they posted and we took advantage.

February 5, 2021

Outcome: +15.10

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Tampa Bay 7:00pm ML -360 16 Locked W  +4.44
Florida  7:00pm ML  -134 10 Locked W +7.46
Anaheim  10:00pm ML -117 7 Locked L  -7
Vegas 10:00pm PL +102 10 Locked  W  +10.20

In what universe do both Carolina and Montreal lose? The games yesterday turned sour as we backed away from many of them after a lot of goalie changes and odds changes. The only bets left were a couple of heavy favorite bets that we even throttled down by betting less (thankfully) due to some changes late in the afternoon. Sometimes, it’s OK to just take a little extra pocket money with some guaranteed bets. Or so we thought.. There’s really no explaining it, sometimes, you get kicked in the teeth as did Montreal and Carolina. The odds makers have been pretty good at setting lines lately and haven’t been leaving us much table scraps. Curiously, the last two days, even though we swore off Over/Under bets for a while until we see their performance return/improve, there hasn’t even been one that we would have taken. Just a little more evidence that the odds makers have upped their game lately but let’s dig in and see if we can find a pearl or two for tonight.

February 4, 2021

Outcome: -15

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Winnipeg  8:00pm ML  +106 20 No Bet
Florida 7:00pm ML -112 5 No Bet
Carolina 8:00pm ML -181 7.50 Locked L  -7.50
Montreal 7:00pm PL -113 7.50 Locked  L  -7.50

Thank you David Pastrnak for the hat trick last night. Once we shed the over/under bets that were dragging us down, our fortunes have changed. Eight games on the card today; let’s get to work.

February 3, 2021

Outcome: +7.35

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Boston 8:00pm ML -136 10 Locked  W +7.35

Honestly, the Over/Under bets have been a disaster. I’ll continue to track them on the side but I’m giving them a rest for now. Without them we’d be on easy street and would have won every day this week so far. So let’s stick to just game handicapping as that’s been solid for us, especially lately. We’ve certainly improved week to week so far, betting is a moving target; it has always been a cat and mouse game between us and the house. Just two games today to choose from.

February 2, 2021

Outcome: -3.54

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Winnipeg 8:00pm ML +103 25 Locked W +25.75
Colorado 8:30pm ML -159 15 No bet  
Montreal 7:00pm ML -175 10 Locked  W +5.71
Calgary@Winnipeg 8:00pm O 6 15 Locked L -15
Carolina@Chicago 8:00pm U 6 7.50 Locked L -7.50
Ottawa@Edmonton 10:00pm O 6.5 7.50 Locked L -7.50
Vancouver@Montreal 7:00pm U 6.5 5 Locked L -5

Thank you New York but the under bets were a disaster. Thankfully, they were all min bets as all three were borderline’ish bets. The one bet we were strongest on was good with the Rangers beating the Pens 3-1. Nine games on the card today, let’s get to work.

February 1, 2021

Outcome: -1.05

Team(s) Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
NY Rangers 7:00pm ML -107  15 Locked  W 13.95
Nashville@Tampa Bay 7:00pm U 6 5 Locked  L -5
Calgary@Winnipeg 8:00pm U 6 5 Locked  L  -5
Boston@Washington 7:00pm U 5.5 5 Locked  L  -5

Bet Type

PL – Puck Line
ML – Money Line
O – Over
U – Under


Odds are from DraftKings. Your odds may differ.


Used for reference. We treat all bets each day as an overall block so it is important to maintain the ratios between the bets when adjusting to your personal limits. If we show 15 and 20 for example for two separate bets.  Then appropriate bets would be, $15/$20, $30/$40 or $150/$200.


Pending: We are waiting for information, usually it’s confirmation of who the starting goalie’s will be in the game for both teams. Wagers are created each morning using the expected goalies. If expectations change, we reevaluate the bet before locking it in.

Warning: Something we are concerned about has occurred and we are waiting for confirmation. The bet remains a pending bet but it’s leaning more toward a no bet with the latest undesirable developments.

No bet: Something has changed that has caused us to no longer consider this wager.

Likely: We’re waiting on one or two confirmations to come in but all signs point to this being a good bet.

Locked: Place the bet.


Calculated using a 10% “vig” for straight bets and over/under bets. The vig is included in the odds for a ML (Money Line) bet.