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SPORTS BETTING: Hockey Daily Bettor – Week 8

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Outcome: -31

Team(s) Vs. Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Carolina @Detroit  5:00pm PL +108 14 Locked L  -14
Carolina @Detroit 5:00pm O 5.5 7 Locked L  -7
Toronto @Ottawa 7:00pm PL +100 10 Locked L  -10

Recap: That’s called, “taking one to the chin” as the book threw a blinding upper cut on Sunday.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Outcome: -11.33

Team(s) Vs. Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total


NY Rangers




Par +137 8 Locked L  -8
Dallas @Columbus 5:00pm ML -125 5 Locked L  -5
NY Islanders @New Jersey 7:00pm PL +155 5 Locked L  -5
Tampa Bay Nashville 7:00pm PL -121 5 7 Locked  W +5.79
Pittsburgh @Buffalo 7:00pm PL +123 5 7 Locked  W  +8.61
Montreal @Calgary 7:00pm ML -110 5 No Bet  
Florida Chicago 7:00pm ML -159 6 Locked  W  +3.77
Washington @Philadelphia 7:00pm ML +100 6 No Bet  
Washington @Philadelphia 7:00pm U 6.5 6 Locked L  -6
Winnipeg @Toronto 7:00pm U 6.5 5 7
Locked L -7
San Jose @Anaheim 10:00pm O 5.5 7.50 Locked L -7.50
Edmonton @Vancouver 10:00pm U 6.5 10 Locked W +9

Update: Let’s get it on.

Recap: It was a mixed bag that didn’t quite pan out. The puck line bets overall, not just on this day where we went 2-1 but overall, have been really good. We’ve won a lot of them. One of the tricks to this is trying to figure out how to get favorable odds. Placing a ML bet at -330 is just stupid but parlay it with another team at -200 and suddenly you’ve getting positive odds. The Bruins killed us yesterday but there’s just no way to bet those teams at those ridiculous odds. The over/unders have been hit or miss, sometimes they carry the day for us and sometimes they don’t. In this case, if we didn’t touch any of the over/unders it would have translated to a win on the day. I think what I’ll do is make the criteria for the over/unders a bit more stringent and we’ll see how that impacts things.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Outcome: +5.62

Team(s) Vs. Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Minnesota Arizona 8:00pm ML -177 5 No Bet
Vegas @St. Louis 8:00pm ML -104 10 Locked W +9.62
Edmonton Ottawa  9:00pm PL -103 5 No Bet  
Edmonton Ottawa 9:00pm U 6.5 6 Locked L -6
Anaheim San Jose 10:00pm ML +102 6 7 Locked L -7
Anaheim San Jose 10:00pm O 5.5 8 10 Locked W +9

Recap: The battle for our hard earned dollars continues. A few good bets and a couple of clunkers but thanks to the two bigger bets rolling in, it’s a win for Friday.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Outcome: -22.47

Team(s) Vs. Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Florida @Columbus 7:00pm ML -136 10 No Bet  
Pittsburgh @Buffalo 7:00pm PL +123 5 No Bet  
Washington @Philadelphia 7:00pm U 6.5 9 Locked L -9
Winnipeg @Toronto 7:00pm U 6.5 5 Locked L -5
NY Islanders New Jersey 7:00pm PL +117 5 7 9 Locked  W  +10.53
Tampa Bay @Detroit 7:30pm PL -130 7.50 No Bet  
Dallas Chicago 8:30pm ML -148 9 Locked L  -9
Montreal @Calgary 9:00pm ML +102 5 Locked L -5
Montreal @Calgary 9:00pm O 5.5 5 Locked L -5

Recap: It’s just going to be one of those weeks it seems. We started Monday in a hole, it took Tuesday and Wednesday to dig out of it, and now we’re back in that hole, though not quite as deep. It’s shaping up to be a week of clawing and scrapping our way to this weeks finish line on Sunday. With three days to go, there’s plenty of time yet to finish the week on top.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Outcome: +7.20

Team(s) Vs. Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
L.A. @Anaheim 9:30pm ML -125 5 No Bet
L.A. @Anaheim 9:30pm O 5.5 6 8 Locked W +7.20
Montreal @Vancouver 11:00pm U 6 8 Locked  Push

Recap: A push and a win equals victory. There wasn’t a lot to go on yesterday, sure, Colorado was an interesting bet over Arizona (and they did win 2-1 in OT) but at -195, those are always tough odds to swallow, so instead, we dabbled in some over/unders. It really wasn’t hard to place the over bet as soon as Grosenick was announced the starter for L.A., his first NHL start since 2014. The irony though? We hit the over because the Kings scored 5 while allowing just one Anaheim goal but a win is a win and we’ll take it any which way we can get it. Back on top and playing with a lead heading into Thursday.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Outcome: +19.30

Team(s) Vs. Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
Buffalo @Philadelphia 7:00pm O 5.5 7 Locked W +6.30
NY Islanders Boston 7:00pm ML +100 15 8 Locked W  +8
Florida @Columbus 7:00pm ML -130 15 13 Locked W  +10
Winnipeg @Toronto 7:00pm U 6 7 No Bet  
Chicago @Dallas 8:30pm ML +116 5 Locked L -5

Recap: We dug a hole on Monday but almost got ourselves out of it on Tuesday. Some good bets all around and even the No Bet was a good call. Chicago was miserable, losing 6-1 in a game that wasn’t even close. We expected more because of Subban in net but Chicago got out skated and out played, it didn’t really matter who was in goal, they would have been peppered last night as Chicago had just 22 shots on goal compared to Dallas’ 37 and a horrible 39% faceoff win percentage. For Chicago, that was an embarrassment. We were playing the odds a little but thankfully it was just a minimum 5 bet as it wasn’t a very strong bet. There was enough in the numbers to suggest that Chicago had a chance at winning that game and hunting for underdogs that can win is most definitely a part of the strategy here but meh.. you win some you lose some and Tuesday we won more than we lost so score one for the good guys.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Outcome: -20

Team(s) Vs. Time (ET) Bet Type Odds Amount Status Result Total
@Minnesota 8:00pm ML -113 10 No Bet
Arizona @Colorado 9:00pm O 5.5 5 No Bet
St. Louis @San Jose 9:00pm O 6 5 Locked L -5
Ottawa @Edmonton 9:00pm ML +200 5 Locked L  -5
L.A. @Anaheim 10:00pm ML -124 5 6 10 Locked L  -10

Recap: Well shoot. Just one goal in all three bets from flipping those to losers to winners. The only good news is that walking away from the other two bets turned out to be a good move. Thankfully, it was just a 20-spot as there weren’t any really good games yesterday to wager on, Monday was just a few stabs at trying to win a little pocket change that didn’t pan out.

Bet Type

ML – Money Line
PL – Puck Line
Par – Parlay
O – Over
U – Under


Odds are from DraftKings. Your odds may differ.


Used for reference. We treat all bets each day as an overall block so it is important to maintain the ratios between the bets when adjusting to your personal limits.


Pending: We are waiting for information, usually it’s confirmation of who the starting goalie’s will be in the game for both teams. Wagers are created each morning using the expected goalies. If expectations change, we reevaluate the bet before locking it in.

Warning: Something we are concerned about has occurred and we are waiting for confirmation. The bet remains a pending bet but it’s leaning more toward a no bet with the latest undesirable developments.

Likely: We’re waiting on one or two confirmations to come in but all signs point to this being a good bet.

No bet: Something has changed that has caused us to no longer consider this wager.

Locked: Place the bet.


Calculated using a 10% “vig” for straight bets and over/under bets. The vig is included in the odds for a ML (Money Line) bet.