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STAFF ANALYSIS DRAFT II: Best-Ball, 12 Teams, 20 Rounds – COMPLETE

Teams: 12
Rounds: 20
Starting Lineup: 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 Def, 11 Bench.
Scoring: SportsHub BestBall10s Scoring

This is a best-ball draft. Your best performing players each week are who contribute to your weekly score. There is no trading, waiver wire or starting lineup submission, it’s just the draft.

Draft order was assigned randomly. We’ll update progress each day until the draft is completed.


1.01 Doug Coutts Christian McCaffrey, RB1, Carolina Panthers
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: Def: At the top of the draft, there is no need to over think things. McCaffrey led the league in fantasy scoring last year and there is no indication that will change in 2020. His heavy involvement in the passing game is a boost to his already high value, and keeps defenses from stacking the box against him. His touchdown scoring is almost without peer by both land and by air. The Panthers will once again be relying on him to be responsible for a huge offensive load in 2020.
1.02 Benjamin Ditlevson Ezekiel Elliott, RB1, Dallas Cowboys
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: Def: This was a fairly simple choice for me. But like any drafter worth his/her salt, I thought about it for a moment. I could go with Ezekiel Elliott – the work house runner of the Cowboys’ potent offense – or Michael Thomas – the record setting receiver of the always exciting Saints’ offense. Either way, I’m getting a great piece that will hold down the lead at one of the most coveted positions on fantasy football. I took Zeke, who is in line for another 300+ touch season that will include a good number of receptions.
1.03 David Olivarez Lamar Jackson, QB1, Baltimore Ravens
QB:1 RB: WR: TE: Def: Taking a QB THIS early is extremely rare but in this best-ball format, I’m making an exception for Lamar Jackson. He was spectacular last season yardage-wise finishing as the 6th overall rusher in the league (1,206 yards) while also posting over 3,100 yards through the air (22nd overall in passing yards) I expect he’ll continue to grow leaps and bounds as a passer after a successful 2019 campaign while his rushing ability continues to give him the league’s safest floor week in and week out. It felt wrong taking a QB over Saquon Barkley but I’m thinking of this as taking the RB6 who also can pass for over 3,000 yard and score a league-high 36 touchdowns. Give me that guy!
1.04 Will Weiler Saquon Barkley, RB1, New York Giants
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: Def: In a 2019 season marred by a high-ankle sprain (three games lost to the injury), Saquon Barkley still managed to finish as fantasy’s RB7 in PPR points per game, and RB10 overall. Barkley is the engine that drives the Giants’ new-look offense helmed by promising young quarterback Daniel Jones, and a threat take every touch to the house. Look no further than Barkley’s final three games to close out last year’s regular season (539 total yards and 5 touchdowns over that span) to see what kind of weekly upside we’re working with here.
1.05 Nick Lemma Alvin Kamara, RB1, New Orleans Saints
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: Def: I’ll take Kamara here all day. Top runner in an elite offense. Not much else to say with this pick. Had a top runner not been there I would have looked to Michael Thomas.
1.06 Justin Weigal Dalvin Cook, RB1, Minnesota Vikings
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: Def: I am one that is not buying the holdout or for at least an extended period of time. Cook has top-2 upside. In a best ball league I will gladly take his best weeks. By Week 10 of last year, he was the PPR RB2 to only CMC. He averaged 24 points per week. The only other RB that averaged over 20 was Aaron Jones at 21. The ceiling is insane. He has no competition for yards or scoring. I do have to target safer players later in the draft to plan for injury though.
1.07 Gary Davenport Michael Thomas, WR1, New Orleans Saints
QB: RB: WR:1 TE: Def: I’m admittedly not a huge fan of taking a wideout in Round 1. But Thomas is just too good a target to pass up at 1.07 after he broke the NFL’s single-season receptions record last year. This is the dilemma of picking in the middle of the round this year…and it probably won’t be the last time I’m not wild about a pick I made.
1.08 Chase Crampton Derrick Henry, RB1, Tennessee Titans
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: Def: Henry is easily one of the most skilled running backs on a league and he is on an offense where he is featured heavily. If Tannehill could get the passing game going, Henry could challenge for the #1 overall running back spot.
1.09 Tony Holm Davante Adams, WR1, Green Bay Packers
QB: RB: WR:1 TE: Def: Secretly, Adams is my top receiver on the board this year. He’s on the receiving end of an Aaron Rodgers that will be out to prove a thing or two this year. Adams is money. He catches for gazillions of yards and scores in bunches. After he healed up last season, he scored more fantasy points than Michael Thomas. I was debating between Henry or Adams here but Chase made my decision easy for me. I do lean RB to open in drafts this year but I don’t shy away when there’s better talent at other positions like Adams.
1.10 TD Hill DeAndre Hopkins, WR1, Arizona Cardinals
QB: RB: WR:1 TE: Def: There is a safer option available at this position but I’m going with the immense upside of one of the best wide receivers in the game. Hopkins never hurt for volume while running routes in Bill O’Brien’s system but under the guidance of King Kliff, the sky is truly the limit in the desert. Hopkins will be the alpha-male on a young and exciting offense and I hope to have him on every one of my teams this season.
1.11 Matt Wilson Tyreek Hill, WR1, Kansas City Chiefs
QB: RB: WR:1 TE: Def: I liked all the available running backs but didn’t love any of them. Even in best-ball formats, a quarterback in the first round isn’t an option for me. It came down to T.Y. Hill or Julio Jones, the two remaining top flight wideouts. They are both big parts of their respective offenses. Jones racks up gobs of catches and yards but doesn’t score much. Hill doesn’t catch as many passes as Jones or the other elites but is the bigger scorer of the two. I don’t think Jones, 31, is declining just yet. This was a coin toss decision, and that’s what I did.
1.12 Mark Chamberlin Nick Chubb, RB1, Cleveland Browns
QB: RB:1 WR: TE: Def: A best-ball dream – he’s not missed a game in two years (jinx!), has the ability to score from long distance, and hasn’t net less than 15 touches in a game since November 2018. Despite his dysfunctional offense he was still the 10th highest scoring running back on a per game basis. There is not another running back available with this high of a floor and if this offense connects this year then he has top 3 potential.

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