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Start/Bench list 2008 Week 17

Happy Holidays to everyone! It’s Week 17, forget everything you’ve done to prepare your lineup each week. Forget about the Studs list as all bets are off for playoff-bound teams with nothing to play for. This week, we’ll focus on those teams with something to play for and those individuals trying to make some noise in an otherwise disappointing season.



Drew Brees,

New Orleans (vs.

Carolina): The playoffs are out of the picture for

New Orleans, but the 5,000 yard club is still in sight for Brees. He needs 317 yards for 5,000 and could break Dan Marino’s record for most passing yards in a season (5,084) with 402 yards.

Kurt Warner,

Arizona (vs.

Seattle): Can you think of anyone who needs a pick-me-up game more than Warner?

Jay Cutler,

Denver (at

San Diego): With no running backs left, the Broncos will need to pass early and often to get into the playoffs.

Philip Rivers,

San Diego (vs.

Denver): Rivers is within two passing TDs of Dan Fouts’ franchise record of 33.


Peyton Manning,

Indianapolis (vs.

Tennessee): You won’t get a full game out of Manning this week.

Eli Manning, N.Y. Giants (at

Minnesota): Expect the Giants running game (minus Brandon Jacobs) to dominate the offensive game plan.

Kerry Collins,

Tennessee (at

Indianapolis): Remember Vince Young? You will after this week.

Joe Flacco, Baltimore (vs.

Jacksonville): A Patriots loss in

Buffalo would send Flacco quickly to the bench. Even a full game won’t produce solid stats.

Running Backs


Michael Turner,

Atlanta (vs.

St. Louis): A Falcons win and a Panthers loss clinches the NFC South for the Falcons. Turner is also still in the hunt for the yardage title as he sits 166 yards behind Adrian Peterson for first.

DeAngelo Williams,

Carolina (at

New Orleans): Did you see him last week against the Giants? Twenty rushing TDs and counting.

Adrian Peterson,

Minnesota (vs. N.Y. Giants): Can he hold off Michael Turner for the rushing title? Against the backups of the Giants, I think so.

Matt Forte, Chicago (at

Houston): The Bears need a win and some help to join the postseason party. Forte will do everything possible to help out with the first part.


Brandon Jacobs, N.Y. Giants (at

Minnesota): Jacobs will begin his resting period for the playoffs this week.

Frank Gore,

San Francisco (vs.

Washington): Gore’s gimpy ankle will keep him from finishing the season with a bang.

Joseph Addai,

Indianapolis (vs.

Tennessee): The Colts are the No. 5 seed no matter what happens this week and Addai will sit this one out.

Marion Barber, Dallas (at

Philadelphia): A toe injury combined with a solid Eagles run defense makes Barber a risky play at best.

Wide Receivers


Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona (vs. Seattle): If Fitz can top 100 yards in that mess last week, just imagine what he’ll do this week.

Marques Colston,

New Orleans (vs.

Carolina): The favorite target of Drew Brees should enjoy the Marino chasing.

Brandon Marshall,

Denver (at

San Diego): In case you forgot,

Marshall caught 18 passes for 162 yards and a TD the last time he faced S.D.

Andre Johnson, Houston (vs.

Chicago): Don’t let last week’s performance fool you. A.J will return to the top of the WRs once again this week.

Greg Jennings,

Green Bay (vs.


Jennings had six catches for 167 back in Week 2 against


Vincent Jackson,

San Diego (vs.


Jackson will see plenty of action against the Broncos this week in a must-win situation.


Reggie Wayne,

Indianapolis (vs.

Tennessee): See Peyton Manning and Joseph Addai.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh,

Cincinnati (vs.

Kansas City): Can we pretend the ’08 season never happened for the Bengals?

Hines Ward,

Pittsburgh (vs.

Cleveland): We know Hines, you really want to play this week (wink, wink).

Derrick Mason, Baltimore (vs.

Jacksonville): Look for the Ravens to pound the ball on the ground despite the outcome of the Patriots game.

Bernard Berrian,

Minnesota (vs. N.Y. Giants): Tavaris Jackson will show you exactly why the Vikings will be first in line to sign Matt Cassel.

Santana Moss


Washington (at

San Francisco): Way to end the year with a fizzle, Santana.

Tight Ends


Antonio Gates,

San Diego (vs.

Denver): Gates’ jersey will appear to be glowing in the red zone this week.

Dustin Keller, N.Y. Jets (vs.

Miami): After many poor decisions last week, Brett Favre will be a bit more conservative, which bodes well for Keller.

Owen Daniels, Houston (vs.

Chicago): Lots of receiving yards for the taking this week as the Texans look to play the spoiler.

Tony Scheffler,

Denver (at

San Diego): Scheffler had his only two-TD game of the season against the Chargers back in Week 2.


Jason Witten, Dallas (at

Philadelphia): Don’t expect a repeat performance of the seven catches for 110 yards

Witten posted way back in Week 2.

Dallas Clark,

Indianapolis (vs.

Tennessee): It won’t be three weeks in a row with 100 yards for

Clark as he rests along with his offensive mates.

Bo Scaife,

Tennessee (at

Indianapolis): Bo don’t know Vince Young.

Kellen Winslow, Cleveland (at

Pittsburgh): Another injury-riddled season for the Easy Rider himself.

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