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Start/Bench List 2008 Week 2

Now that everyone is familiar with their league’s waiver wire policy thanks to the mad scramble to pick up Matt Cassel, let’s reiterate the importance of team depth. It’s not only the Tom Brady owners that should be picking up Cassel. You never know when your team will suffer the same fate as the Brady owners in your league. Perform your due diligence and attack the waiver wire with the same intensity that you brought to draft day.

When using this list, try and remember a couple basic rules:

1) Studs – Always play your studs. Each position will include a list of players that are considered studs and should not be benched. If you have the luxury of needing to decide between studs, check out the matchups or feel free to let the shark tank assist you in your decisions. This list will change from week to week. The first week, the studs will consist of the preseason top “tier” at each position.

2) Depth – Every fantasy team is different and some have more depth than others. Only follow the recommended moves if your team depth allows you to make such a move.

Enough of the chit-chat, onto the list!!



Peyton Manning,

Indianapolis vs. Minnesota

Drew Brees,

New Orleans vs. Washington

Tony Romo,

Dallas vs. Philadelphia

Carson Palmer,

Cincinnati vs. Tennessee

Donovan McNabb,

Philadelphia vs. Dallas


Aaron Rodgers,

Green Bay (vs. Detroit): Rodgers had a nice opening day start throwing and rushing for a TD. His “Lambeau Leap” needs some work though. Look for more impressive yardage totals this week as the Lions had trouble stopping Matt Ryan and the Falcons passing attack in week one.

Matt Cassel,

New England (vs. N.Y. Jets): The most sought after free agent in fantasy leagues around the country will make those owners who were able to scoff him off waivers very happy this week. The Jets defense looked pretty bad against Miami and the Pats offense with Cassel is head and shoulders better than Miami’s passing attack. The new #1 QB in New England shines in his first start.


Brett Favre,

N.Y. Jets (vs. New England): Take away the fluke fourth down pass to Chansi Stuckey and Favre’s debut performance for the Jets was less than stellar. He’ll have an even tougher time against the Pats who are looking to prove that the week one struggle against the Chiefs was an aberration.

Matt Ryan,

Atlanta (vs. Tampa Bay): Ryan had a solid opening day start from an NFL perspective, but fantasy-wise, it was mediocre at best against a porous Lions defense. Those rookie mistakes you expect will come out this week as the Bucs will apply the heat and Ryan will feel it from every direction.

Running Backs


Adrian Peterson,

Minnesota vs. Indianapolis

Ladainian Tomlinson,

San Diego vs. Denver

Willie Parker,

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland

Brian Westbrook,

Philadelphia vs. Dallas

Clinton Portis,

Washington vs. New Orleans

Marion Barber,

Dallas vs. Philadelphia

Frank Gore,

San Francisco vs. Seattle

Steven Jackson,

St. Louis vs. N.Y. Giants

Reggie Bush,

New Orleans vs. Washington


Justin Fargas,

Oakland (vs. Kansas City): Whether or not McFadden’s shoulder injury is serious enough to keep him out of action this week, Fargas will once again get the lion’s share of carries and will make the most of his opportunity. Ride the Fargas wave as long as you can.

Brandon Jacobs,

N.Y. Giants (vs. St. Louis): Despite not scoring a TD, Jacobs’ owners should be very pleased with his week one performance. rushing for 116 yards on 21 carries. Even with Ward and Bradshaw giving Jacobs some rest from time to time, Jacobs will post another strong game on the road in St. Louis this week.

Edgerrin James,

Arizona (vs. Miami): With all the talk out west about Warner vs. Leinart, James continues to do his thing posting 25+ carries and 100+ yards on the ground. He’ll experience similar success this week against Miami who struggled to contain Thomas Jones in week one.


Chris Perry,

Cincinnati (vs. Tennessee): The entire Bengals offense stunk up the joint last week, but Perry’s struggles will continue in week two against the Titans who held Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor in check during their week one victory over the Jaguars.

Kevin Smith,

Detroit (vs. Green Bay): Don’t be fooled by Smith’s strong week one performance thinking you’ll get that kind of production every week. Smith will post solid numbers when all is said and done, but he’ll also have some stinkers during the season. Get your gas mask ready for this one.

Steve Slaton,

Houston (vs. Baltimore): Slaton should be the main man in the Houston running attack thanks to Ahman Green‘s sprained ankle. However, being the main man won’t translate into productive numbers against the Ravens who looked solid shutting down the Bengals in week one.

Wide Receivers


Reggie Wayne,

Indianapolis vs. Minnesota

Randy Moss,

New England vs. N.Y. Jets

Terrell Owens,

Dallas vs. Philadelphia

Andre Johnson,

Houston vs. Baltimore

Chad Ocho Cinco,

Cincinnati vs. Tennessee

T.J. Houshmandzadeh,

Cincinnati vs. Tennessee

Brandon Marshall,

Denver vs. San Diego

Anquan Boldin,

Arizona vs. Miami

Larry Fitzgerald,

Arizona vs. Miami

Plaxico Burress,

N.Y. Giants vs. St. Louis

Torry Holt,

St. Louis vs. N.Y. Giants

Braylon Edwards,

Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh


Marvin Harrison,

Indianapolis (vs. Minnesota): Some of the doubts have been lifted regarding Harrison’s health after a strong week one performance (eight catches for 76 yards). Look for better numbers this week as the Vikings will have success stopping the Colts running game but slowing down the passing attack will be a different story.

Greg Jennings,

Green Bay (vs. Detroit): As Rodgers goes, so goes Jennings. I think the Rodgers-Jennings combo could be a top-5 QB/WR tandem by year’s end. Yup, you heard it here first. There’s plenty of room on the bandwagon. All aboard!

Santana Moss,

Washington (vs. New Orleans): The Redskins looked, well, confused on offense last week. I know Jason Campbell needs some time to get comfortable with Jim Zorn’s offense, but isn’t that what the pre-season is for? Moss saved his week one stats with a TD, but he’ll fare much better this week against Saints playing in Washington.

Calvin Johnson,

Detroit (vs. Green Bay): Another week like Johnson’s 7-107, and you’ll find him at the top of the WR section under “Studs” from now on. Sorry cheese heads, it’s coming this week.


Bernard Berrian,

Minnesota (vs. Indianapolis): Sorry Bernard, no matter how many times you click the heels of your cleats together, you won’t be sent back to Chicago.

Chris Chambers,

San Diego (vs. Denver): Chambers mustered only one catch last week, but at least it was a 44-yard touchdown. The Broncos will be fired up for their home-opener and Chambers is too inconsistent to bank on a solid game if you have other viable options. Look elsewhere.

Roddy White,

Atlanta (vs. Tampa Bay): See Matt Ryan above. Not much success is in the forecast for the Falcons passing attack minimizing White’s chances at decent numbers.

Laveranues Coles,

N.Y. Jets (vs. New England): Coles’ struggles in week one were no surprise, and they will continue against the Pats as Favre starts questioning his decision to “un-retire”.

Tight Ends


Dallas Clark,

Indianapolis vs. Minnesota

Jason Witten,

Dallas vs. Philadelphia

Chris Cooley,

Washington vs. New Orleans

Kellen Winslow,

Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh

Antonio Gates,

San Diego vs. Denver

Tony Gonzalez,

Kansas City vs. Oakland


Jeremy Shockey,

New Orleans (vs. Washington): Brees likes his TEs as Shockey got plenty of action in week one catching six passes for 54 yards. Expect Brees to continue the aerial attack and Shockey will post back-to-back solid games as a Saint.

Owen Daniels,

Houston (vs. Baltimore): With the Ravens’ blitzing style, I like Daniels to find running room over the middle and Schaub to be able to deliver the ball to him. The Bengals struggled last week, but they’ve never incorporated the TE into their offensive scheme. Daniels will surprise will solid numbers against a tough Ravens defense.


Robert Royal,

Buffalo (vs. Jacksonville): Save your waiver wire move for someone else. The chances of Royal duplicating his six-catch, 52 yards and a TD stats anytime soon are slim and none.

Vernon Davis,

San Francisco (vs. Seattle): Davis posted solid numbers in week one, but I’m still not convinced that he’ll thrive in Mike Martz’s offense. You may not have better options at TE to be able to afford sitting Davis, but if you do take a chance and see what happens.

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