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Start/Bench List 2008 Week 3

First the Chargers and the Broncos light up the scoreboard on Sunday only to be followed by 78 points of awesomeness on Monday night. What a great weekend to play fantasy football. Look for more fireworks in week three as Indy,

Green Bay,


Denver and

New Orleans all attack the friendly skies torturing secondaries across the country.

When using this list, try and remember a couple basic rules:

1) Studs – Always play your studs. Each position will include a list of players that are considered studs and should not be benched. If you have the luxury of needing to decide between studs, check out the matchups or feel free to let the shark tank assist you in your decisions. This list will change from week to week.

2) Depth – Every fantasy team is different and some have more depth than others. Only follow the recommended moves if your team depth allows you to make such a move.

Enough of the chit-chat, onto the list!!



Peyton Manning, Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville

Tony Romo, Dallas at Green Bay

Drew Brees, New Orleans at Denver

Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh


Jon Kitna,

Detroit (at

San Francisco): Kitna threw three interceptions last week, but he still managed two TD passes along with 276 yards passing. Look for Kitna to put on a show this week facing Mike Martz as the Lions prove you don’t need Martz to throw on every down to be successful.

Jay Cutler, Denver (vs. New Orleans): Cutler will hold on to the ball better this week avoiding any controversy as he leads the formidable Broncos passing attack against the Saints. You won’t get four TDs this week, but 300+ passing yards and two TDs is a safe bet. Enjoy.


Chad Pennington,

Miami (at

New England): Your attention please, the Chad Henne watch has officially begun. After a poor performance against the Cardinals last week, Henne got in some playing time and played well. This one might get ugly fast so Henne shouldn’t get too comfortable holding on to that clipboard in

New England.

Trent Edwards, Buffalo (vs. Oakland): Just a warning not to jump on Edwards as a free agent thinking you found the second-coming of Jim Kelly after he completed 20 of 25 passes last week. Edwards won’t be changing his stripes (do Bills have stripes?) this week.

Running Backs


Adrian Peterson, Minnesota vs. Carolina

LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego vs. N.Y. Jets

Reggie Bush, New Orleans at Denver

Willie Parker, Pittsburgh at Philadelphia

Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh

Clinton Portis, Washington vs. Arizona

Marion Barber, Dallas at Green Bay

Frank Gore, San Francisco vs. Detroit

Steven Jackson, St. Louis at Seattle

Joseph Addai, Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville


Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo (vs.

Oakland): As Trent Edwards struggles this week, Lynch will benefit. Yes, Fred Jackson is seeing more playing time than expected, but Lynch will take the lead role this week as the Bills pound the ball on the ground against the Raiders.

Maurice Jones-Drew,

Jacksonville (at

Indianapolis): Will the real MJD please stand up? The Jags front line has not held up their end of the bargain thus far, but things will get easier against the Colts this week. Jones-Drew averaged 4.3 yards per carry in both games against the Colts last season including a TD in each game.

Chris Johnson,

Tennessee (vs.

Houston): Forget about LenDale White or the struggles of Vince Young. Chris Johnson has been the main story in

Tennessee. The rookie has rushed for 202 yards on 34 carries and should continue to rack up the yards against a Texans team that is still worn out from Willie Parker‘s performance back in week one.


Edgerrin James


Arizona (at

Washington): Uh-oh. Tim Hightower is turning the Cardinals into another dreaded RBBC team. It’s looking more and more like the Edge’s best years are behind him. It’s time to retire the gold teeth and replace them with platinum dentures.

Jamal Lewis, Cleveland (at Baltimore): Speaking of RB’s who are looking long in the tooth, in steps Jamal Lewis with 100 yards total in the first two games on 32 carries. Next up, the Ravens in

Baltimore. Yeah, I don’t think so.

Matt Forte, Chicago (vs.


Bay): Forte has looked very strong to start the season; however the Colts and the Panthers don’t have the same caliber defense as the Bucs. Temper your expectations as Forte finally starts to look like a rookie in the Bears home opener.

Wide Receivers


Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville

Randy Moss, New England vs. Miami

Calvin Johnson, Detroit at San Francisco

Brandon Marshall, Denver vs. New Orleans

Anquan Boldin, Arizona at Washington

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona at Washington

Terrell Owens, Dallas at Green Bay

Chad Johnson, Cincinnati at N.Y. Giants

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Cincinnati at N.Y. Giants

Braylon Edwards, Cleveland at Baltimore

Andre Johnson, Houston at Tennessee

Plaxico Burress, N.Y. Giants vs. Cincinnati

Steve Smith, Carolina vs. Minnesota


Wes Welker, New England (vs.

Miami): As Matt Cassel continues to find his comfort zone, one thing is clear, Welker will be there with slippers and a cigar waiting for him. Welker has 11 receptions on the season and should perform well against his old teammates as

Miami continues to wonder how Welker and Sammy Morris slipped through their fingers into the open arms of Bill Belichick.

Greg Jennings,

Green Bay (vs.

Dallas): There are still a few seats left on the

Jennings bandwagon. Act fast, after he lights up the Cowboys secondary,

Jennings will make his way to the Studs list where he’ll remain for the rest of the season.

Eddie Royal, Denver (vs. New Orleans): Royal owners breathed a sigh of relief as he still managed five catches, 37 yards, a TD and a two-point conversion last week despite Brandon Marshall‘s return. They’ll be plenty to go around this week as well as Cutler and the Broncos passing attack continues to dominate.

David Patten,

New Orleans (at

Denver): With Marques Colston out, Patten has stepped it up and will serve as the main WR target for Drew Brees. The Broncos didn’t exactly make it difficult for Phillip Rivers last week, so look for another shootout which will benefit Patten. Look for his best game of the season this week.


Bernard Berrian,

Minnesota (vs.

Carolina): Wasn’t that big goose egg last week enough for you? He won’t go without a catch this week, but he’s not worthy of a start either.

Chris Chambers,

San Diego (vs. N.Y. Jets): Chambers already has three TDs in the first two games despite catching only four TDs all of last season. However, Chambers only has five catches on the season which is more indicative of his involvement (or lack thereof) in the passing game. Trade him while you can as his stock begins to fall this week.

Lee Evans,

Buffalo (vs.

Oakland): Evans has performed well this season, but as Trent Edwards is expected to struggle this week against the Raiders, so too with Evans.

Matt Jones,

Jacksonville (at

Indianapolis): Don’t get too excited by the early stats of Jones. Yes, he has led the Jaguars in receiving in the first two games of the season totaling 13 catches for 130 yards. However, the Jags will get back to smash-mouth football this week controlling the ball on the ground in an attempt to keep the Colts offense off the field and minimizing errors for David Garrard.

Tight Ends


Dallas Clark, Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville

Jason Witten, Dallas at Green Bay

Kellen Winslow, Cleveland at Baltimore

Chris Cooley, Washington vs. Arizona

Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City at Atlanta

Antonio Gates, San Diego vs. N.Y. Jets


John Carlson, Seattle (vs.

St. Louis): Matt Hasselbeck has to throw to somebody. Until the Seahawks convince Steve Largent to come out of retirement, Carlson is a strong option in the passing game as his six-catch, 78-yard performance proved last week. The Rams defense has not looked good which bodes well for Carlson.

Tony Scheffler, Denver (vs. New Orleans): Despite Brandon Marshall‘s record setting performance last week, Scheffler still managed to catch two TD passes as part of his six-catch, 64-yard totals against the Chargers. If the Saints allowed Jason Campbell and the Redskins to do damage, what do you think the Broncos will do with Jay Cutler coming off a 350-yard passing game? Start every Bronco in the passing game you can find.


Anthony Fasano,

Miami (vs.

New England): After Fasano is shut down for the second straight week, we might start to wonder if week one really happened. It did, but you shouldn’t expect a repeat performance against the Pats this week in

New England.

Greg Olsen, Chicago (vs.


Bay): As Flavor Flav used to say, “Don’t believe the hype!” Olsen has skills, but this Bears passing attack is far from capable of allowing Olsen to shine. The Bucs defense will continue their torture on QBs with Kyle Orton Jr. on the menu this week.

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