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Start/Bench List – Week 13

This list will include a handful of players at each skill position that has either a very favorable matchup or a matchup to avoid. Not every player at every skill position will be listed every week. Instead of a watered-down version of predicting each player’s performance, this list will focus on a select group of players whose chances to succeed or fail are increased based on their opponent of the week.

When using this list, try and remember a couple basic rules:

1) Studs – Always play your studs. You won’t find Marshall Faulk or Randy Moss on this list. This list is to help choose between the middle-of-the-road players.

2) Depth – Every fantasy team is different and some have more depth than others. Only follow the recommended moves if your team depth allows you to make such a move.

Enough of the chit-chat, onto the list!!

The BYE weeks are finally over. No more excuses!

Since I have three teams still smack dab in the playoff hunt, I’m searching for as much good karma as humanly possible. To assist in this matter, I’m writing each player’s comments in the form of a haiku.  For you English majors out there, my sincerest apologies.

On to the 5-7-5’s…



Chad Pennington, N.Y. Jets (vs. Tennessee):
He’s fully healthy.
Monday night brings out the best.
Start Chad and enjoy.

Jake Plummer, Denver (vs. Oakland):
Jake the Snake is back!
The Broncos need a win bad.
Tough year for Oakland.


Kerry Collins, N.Y. Giants (vs. Buffalo):
Turnovers hurt bad.
With nothing left to play for,
Collins will struggle.

Rick Mirer, Oakland (vs. Denver):
Mirer’s playing well,
but Denver will be ready.
Bench Rick if you can.

Running Backs


Eddie George, Tennessee (vs. N.Y. Jets):
McNair is hurting.
The Jets stink against the run.
A big day for George.

T.J.Duckett, Atlanta (vs. Houston):
Dunn is on I.R.
Duckett is the man this week.
He’ll score at least once.

Domanick Davis, Houston (vs. Atlanta):
Davis has looked strong.
Atlanta can’t stop the run.
Start the rook and smile.


Curtis Martin, N.Y. Jets (vs. Tennessee):
My favorite martian.
He won’t have much room to run.
Jets will air it out.

Troy Hambrick, Dallas (vs. Miami):
No Murrell in town?
It still won’t help Hambrick’s cause.
No turkey for you!

Michael Pittman, Tampa Bay (vs. Jacksonville):
RBBC, ugh.
Where did Thomas Jones come from?
Mike’s not worth the risk.

Wide Receivers


Isaac Bruce, St. Louis (vs. Minnesota):
Expect a big day,
from the Rams passing attack.
Bruce will be involved.

Andre Johnson, Houston (vs. Atlanta):
Two scores in two games,
with more on the way this week.
Even without Carr.

Jerome Pathon, New Orleans (vs. Washington):
Stallworth is doubtful.
Brooks should air it out again.
Pathon will be there.

Charles Lee, Tampa Bay (vs. Jacksonville):
Lee was released twice,
but is back as a starter.
Keyshawn Johnson, who?


Jimmy Smith, Jacksonville (vs. Tampa Bay):
Leftwich has struggled.
You can bet that Tampa Bay,
will hound Smith all night.

Chris Chambers, Miami (vs. Dallas):
Jay Fiedler is back.
But Dallas is the top dog,
in stopping the pass.

Darrell Jackson, Seattle (vs. Cleveland):
A big game last week,
but with the Brownies up next,
lightning won’t strike twice.

Deion Branch, New England (vs. Indianapolis):
The RCA Dome,
has not treated the Pats well.
Not much for Deion.

Tight Ends


Jeremy Shockey, N.Y. Giants (vs. Buffalo):
He may play this week.
Despite the recent struggles,
he’s a nice option.

Billy Miller, Houston (vs. Atlanta):
The big man down south,
continues to do his job.
You could do much worse.


Dallas Clark, Indianapolis (vs. New England):
A strained back muscle,
keeps Clark’s status uncertain.
Proceed with caution.

Jed Weaver, San Francisco (vs. Baltimore):
I’m willing to bet,
that the night sweat have begun.
Here comes Ray Lewis!

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