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State of the Union

What a season we’re having here at FantasySharks. It is obvious we’re different and our numbers prove it. is here to stay. Heading into November the site continues to explode as the last three weeks have shown growth with no signs of slowing down. We’ve upgraded the server time and time again to meet the challenge of operating such a busy site. In fact, just two weeks ago we opened up more bandwidth to meet the demands of October and were forced to upgrade our database server as you guys were pounding the living daylights out of it. We aren’t the first fantasy football site to cross this chasm, migrating from a few hits to an all out byte blasting fury as a few sites have experienced this same rapid growth in the past. They suffered through growing pains as their response time would be poor or they would shut down new sign ups to their message board to try and contain the throng. We monitor the site daily and take preemptive upgrade steps so that your experience here is never compromised, one important difference and something you have come to expect from us.

So how does our report card look? Just fine thank you very much. We now have over 8,200 registered members and we thank you for that. It is beyond what we expected as most on staff thought the math just didn’t work out as we had to add over 100 new members a day to reach that number. Guess what? We crushed that number. We had a solid marketing plan, helped folks know where we were and we like to think that once you got here, you never left. As evidenced by our continued explosive growth heading into Week 10 of the season, I think that to be true.

So what are we serving for traffic? This may not mean a lot to everyone but our numbers are solid. For just the month of October we had:

  • Over 27 million hits.
  • Served almost 130 Gigabytes of data.
  • Served 5.1 million pages.

That last stat is staggering to me. We served 5.1 million pages into your web browser just in the month of October. Our record day still stands as September 25 where we served almost 450,000 pages in one single day.

The numbers are big but it matches the dedication so many guys like Rob Schare, Mike Dion, Doug Coutts, Bill Leonard, Paul Fountain, Ron Anish, Pat Smith, Greg Allen, Mike Rumsey, Don Cleary, Brad Wyatt, Corey Dragge, Paul Joyce, Tim Davoll, Stan Yip, Paul D’Amato, Keith Malo, Glenn Anderson, Joao Serrano, John Tartaro, Steve Ciardi, Dave Tchorz, Terry Utterback, Ed Leduke and Vinnie bring to this site. Not to mention our partners that help make this project go like Mike Hall and the guys over at, Eric Schultz over at Stars Collect and Steve and the gang over at FoxSports AM1340 for hosting the weekly shark radio show. These guys live and breath this site like I do and I’m proud of this team. They’re the best in the business, I guarantee you that.

So where do we stand in the overall scheme of things? Well according to what raw data I can dig up from places like the Alexa toolbar stats ( and other sources, is a player. In popularity we’ve passed stalwart sites like and and have passed relative newcomers like Those of you that have known and followed me around the web know I started with David Dodds over at then went over to for a few years, back to David at before starting this venture. I also want to put the guys over at into this same bucket as guys that have been working their site for a long time now and are having success at it. We haven’t caught these guys yet but I’m tracking market share and we definitely have been cutting into it. At our current growth rates I predict we will catch a couple of these sites as early as next season.

How? It’s a combination of everything. Great content, the best programming team in fantasy football, great response time on our servers, fantastic business partners and the loyalist members a site could hope to have. Our message board is hopping with the best folks I have seen in any message board. Some sites ridicule newcomers but the folks in our board are extremely active and genuinely want to help. If there’s a news story in football or an update on a player, it hits our board as the words are coming out of the coaches mouth. We reward participants from time to time with T-Shirts and signed football cards based on number of posts, no one else treats their members like we do, just ask them!

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