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Stats Do Lie! You Don’t Over Think Fantasy Football

Well, Well, Well… I guess it is that time of the year again
to get ready for fantasy football season to come. Of course, if you want to
analyze and reanalyze and then overanalyze, good for you. Perhaps it will work
as I am not one to judge. As for me, I prefer not to over think something.
Between ADP’s and VBD’s and people actually charting strength of schedule, it
is putting my BVD’s in a bunch. All that statistical manipulation really gives
me a headache. What is this, Calculus class?


Now, I am not saying not to do any preparation as that would
be fool’s gold. Certainly, you would like to know what is going on and have
some sort of rankings going into your draft. Heck, even I do that and I am the
laziest piece of garbage known to man, and guess what; I still win. I
consistently make my way into the playoffs in more leagues than not and I do a
quarter of the work some of these so called nerds do. (No offense, to you nerds
out there.) I would prefer to talk about players and how I think they will do,
and excuse me if I am wrong, I do not need 12 statistical algorithms divided by
pi squared to find out how well a player will do. I guess we all have our
hobbies. Some people like to analyze stats and I like to watch Spongebob
Squarepants (That Patrick sure does make me laugh.)


So, you may be sitting there, reading this piece of trash
wondering so what is the point of this article and how can it help you. Well,
it can’t. Neither can all that research and formulas that everyone does. I can
take a current cheat sheet off this website, and follow it to the T in any
draft and still have just as good a shot as the so called fantasy genius that
graphs the TD passes by quarterbacks over the last 20 years. I do seem sure about
it and you know why? In the NFL, the league is so unpredictable that anything
can and will happen causing all that thinking to go straight out the window.


Yes, it is true. If we could predict and project these stats
so accurately, then why do we have sleepers that come from out of nowhere? Go
ahead and look at any preseason rankings that you can find on the web. Someone
no one even thought about will be in the top ten of their position. Players
always come from out of nowhere. Try and analyze that. This happens every year.
Do the names Ernest Graham and Ryan Grant ring a bell, and I checked. No one
ranked them higher than 40th. I could go over the busts, but if you
ever played fantasy football, you know the agony of that one. The NFL is just
too unpredictable to go too in depth with your research and mathematical
manipulation. We are trying to build a fantasy team, not engineer a bridge.


Where are you going? This doesn’t mean go and sit down and
watch cartoons all summer, you have to know, at least, what is going on and
perhaps even make your own rankings. You do want some sort of thumbprint or DNA
on this team. Of course, you could just print out rankings of some website, but
what fun would that be? You want o make your team your own. If you are a huge
football fan like I am, you probably know who you like and who you think will
do well. I happen to think Frank Gore will be a top three back, and perhaps you
don’t. That’s the whole beauty of fantasy football is to put your stamp on your
team. If you like a player even if you like to use stats or even if you just go
by a feeling in your gut. Don’t let anyone stop you from picking that player? I
remember one year, I made fun of someone for picking a running back way too
early, and by the looks of the guy, he did not do much research. He just liked
the guy for whatever reason. He won the league on the back of that pick. So,
who is anyone to judge? So, the most important thing is to pick who you want
and to heck with everyone else.


Listen, I have played fantasy football for over 14 years,
and I can sit here and tell you no amount of research is going to guarantee you
a championship. There is just way too much luck involved. I have seen it from
both sides as I have been very lucky at times and I have been very unlucky at
times. I have lost when I shouldn’t have, and I have won championships when I
shouldn’t have. However, if you want to consistently put yourself in position
to win, be prepared to some research but you really don’t have to overdo it.


Of course, as I write this, I am a diehard football fan so I
read more than anyone’s fair share about the sport, so I know what is going on
before I make any judgments about players where I should pick them. I listen to
nothing but NFL Radio in the summertime, other then when the Cubs are playing
and of course I have to listen to them. To be fair, I absorb a lot of
information without thinking about it. So, I may be ahead of the curve of the
more casual fans. But if you enjoy football as much as I do, you may already be
absorbing the information. If you enjoy stats as much as you enjoy football, I
bet you are a hit at parties.


What do you need to know to win? It’s simple. Just know what
is going on and take a few hours and base your rankings on whatever criteria
you feel is necessary; even if you want to dissect every stat in the NFL
universe. On the other hand, at some point, I feel that it is just overkill, as
any retard and moron can win in this game we call fantasy football. This should
give a lot of you some hope, so don’t be intimidated by Dr. Fantasy Geek with
his or hers (I don’t want to be accused of being sexist.) sprawling
spreadsheets that travel miles and miles at your draft. All you need to do is
know what is going on and base your rankings off that, and I promise you, you
will be in just as good a position as Darth Statsheet.


If you have any hate mail, complaints, death threats, or if
you just want to drop a line telling me how awesome I am; email me at Lundylove@msn.com. I might even answer some of your deepest
darkest fantasy questions as long as it is about football.


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