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Heads up, everyone! Since so many of you keep bothering me for more Consistency-related goodness, I decided to take advantage of some new data visualization tools and spin-off this additional column.

You guys better like this… because adding a second column to my list of things to do is definitely not the way one attempts to retire. Just like Michael Corleone infamously said: “Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in!”

Finding the Value

The best type of player is one that puts up a lot of points on a consistent basis; to try and get a bead on this, I used a scatter plot to show each offensive position’s eligible players in terms of their Consistency Ranking and Average Points per Game (using a PPR format). After plotting each player, I divided the plot into quadrants using the median CR and PPG values (as opposed to using the mean, which is unduly influenced by outliers). Obviously, we’d want to use as many players from Quadrant 1 (“Quad1”) as possible:


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CR_Targets_QBLooking in Quad , we see some of the top names at the position, like Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan. There’s some other interesting players here, like Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford, two guys scoring at a very nice clip and right on the border of Quad 1 and Quad 2– meaning they are on the precipice of being really consistent performers.

Some options for QBs that might be available on the waiver wire who are both in the top half of scorers and among the most consistent? How about Andy Dalton, Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins? Those three guys look like perfect candidates to stream, as they are solid scorers who are very likely to actual hit their season average in any particular game.



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Productive runners whom you can always count on are becoming extinct in today’s game; but looking at the scatter plot, there’s a couple of RBs that might be worth checking out: Theo Riddick (as a stash), Spencer Ware, and LeGarrette Blount.


(click on image to enlarge)


Quick, who’s the best receiver in the NFL right now? Nope, it’s Mike Evans. Evans is tops in PPG and among the most consistent at the position. Some other players also fall into Q1, like Mike Wallace, Cole Beasley, Kenny Britt and Tyrell Williams.


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Greg Olsen is so far ahead of his peers this season, that his data point looks like an outlier; he’s by far the best performing TE thus far in the season. But who else would make for a worthy add? Two guys I like is Eric Ebron (as a stash play) and Kyle Rudolph.

The Full Monty

OK, I’m sure some of you will NOT trust my judgement on this issue and will be complaining in short order, so I’m including the full tables now…

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