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Stick A Fork In ‘Em – These Guys Are Done

Saying goodbye isn’t always easy. Even when the writing is on the wall, circumstances may leave you feeling ambivalent. Consider, for instance, folding Big Slick before the flop or telling your good-looking-yet-crazy girlfriend to hit the road.

Nevertheless, in
fantasy football, whether it’s a big name player past his prime or just
a guy that looks like he will never live up to the hype, you have to
know when it’s time to cut your losses and say “buh-bye.” This season,
don’t let your team be dragged down by dead weight! Here are five big
name players that are wasting space on your bench:

Rudi Johnson (Owned in 67% of CBS Sportsline Leagues) – Even before Rudi was cut by the Cincinnati Bengals on August 30th, there were plenty of warning signs. After three consecutive seasons of consistency and reliability, Johnson started playing like a broken-down Buick. The five games he sat out with a hamstring injury were a blessing in disguise for owners who were “forced” to play someone else. When he signed with

Detroit on September 1st, owners thought they were in the clear. Then the season started. Johnson got only four carries for 16 yards in his first two games. With rumors swirling that the Lions are about to sign Cedric Benson (Cedric Freakin’ Benson?!) it should become crystal clear that Rudi Johnson is no longer relevant in the fantasy world.

Deuce McAllister (Owned in 64% of CBS Sportsline Leagues) – Apparently most fantasy owners haven’t gotten the memo that Pierre Thomas, and not Deuce McAllister, is and will continue to be the goal-line back for the New Orleans Saints in 2008. How else can you explain that about double the number of Sportsline owners own McAllister than own Thomas? With two knee surgeries under his belt (literally), I am not buying into the McAllister hype and neither should you. If you own Reggie Bush, dump McAllister and grab Thomas before everyone else catches on. Hopefully, this little reality check will reassure McAllister owners that “dropping a Deuce” has never been easier.

Javon Walker (Owned in 63% of CBS Sportsline Leagues) – If you are a NFL wide receiver, the Oakland Raiders are the last team you would want to play for. Randy Moss is a prime example. Nevertheless, a player coming off knee surgery with ailments that never seem to go away might not be so choosy when selecting a team. Enter Javon Walker. As a Bronco last season,

Walker seemed to transform overnight from a talented receiver into a limping straggler. Playing for an offensively inept team like the Raiders won’t do much to transform him back.

Ahman Green (Owned in 50% of CBS Sportsline Leagues) – Here is a combination to avoid – an old has-been with a propensity to get hurt playing on a pass-heavy offense with a trio of other running backs. The Ahman Green of 2003 who ran for 1,883 yards for 15 touchdowns is long gone, my friends. In his place is an old as dirt shadow of his former self, competing for carries with Steve Slaton, Chris Taylor and Chris Brown. Avoid that committee like the plague.

Vince Young (Owned in 38% of CBS Sportsline Leagues) – With my “Buy Low, Sell High” motto, I thought I got great value when I picked up Young for the minimum bid in my auction league less than a month ago. However, after his dreadful preseason was followed by both an injury that would sideline him for a month and a mental meltdown, I had to face the facts and find a new starting quarterback. When the Tennessee Titans named journeyman Kerry Collins as their starter, it sent a clear message that Vinny is going to need a lot more than some expensive therapy to get his job back. Young is old news.

Surely these aren’t the only NFL players who should get the fantasy boot. Who will you fire this season? What players will replace these duds on your team?

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