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Houston Texans at home vs Indianapolis Colts (Grade: A): The key for the Colts to have a chance in any game is to run the ball with Gore and Mack, while using short passes to Jack Doyle so that they do not expose Jacoby Brissett. Unfortunately for them, the best way to beat the Texans is in the passing game. The Texans have one of the best run defenses in the league while also being in the top half of the league at sacking the quarterback. Brissett is going to have a tough day and the Texans are a lock to finish as a Top 3 defense this week.

Carolina Panthers at home vs Atlanta Falcons (Grade: B+): The Atlanta Falcons are not the same team they were last year. They were shut down by the Patriots defense which to date have been one of the worst defenses in the league. They also lost to the Dolphins and barely beat the Jets and Bears. On the other hand the Panthers defense is as good as it ever has been. They get after the quarterback and force turnovers. They are second in the league in yards allowed and should have no problem stopping the Falcons.

Philadelphia Eagles at home vs Denver Broncos (Grade: B+): The Broncos have won three games all year and all of their wins have one thing in common: C.J Anderson gets 20 or more carries. The Broncos can not win if they can’t run the ball. The quarterback play has been so bad in Denver that they are CHOOSING to go to Brock Osweiler at the quarterback position. The Eagles have the best run defense in the league and will be keying in on stopping the run game of the Broncos. This will force the Broncos to throw the ball and that will not work out well for them at all.

Fools Gold Defense Of The Week

Cincinnati Bengals at the Jacksonville Jaguars (Grade: D): The strength of the Bengals defense is stopping the pass and creating turnovers, they are less than average at stopping the run. The Jaguars are the best rushing team in the league and will run all over the Bengals. Add to this the fact that the Bengals offense is 3rd in the league in turnovers and the Jaguars are 3rd in takeaways. The Jaguars defense will force the Bengals into turnovers, allowing the offense to take advantage of a short field and run up the score.

Daily Fantasy Corner

Carolina Panthers at home vs Atlanta Falcons (DK $2,700/FD $4,500)

The fact that the Panthers are playing the Falcons this week is driving the price down on their defense. I think this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of having one of the leagues best defenses at a discounted rate. The Falcons are overrated and the Panthers will prove it this week.



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