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Detroit Lions at home vs Cleveland Brown (Grade: A): The Lions are a middle of the pack defense in both yards per game and points allowed but they are facing one of the worst offenses in the league. To make matters worse what the Lions do well is create turnovers, ranking 3rd in the league in takeaways. The Browns on the other hand have turned it over more than any other team in the league, they have thrown more interceptions than 30 other teams have combined turnovers and fumbles. The Lions are going to get plenty of turnovers in this game and that leads to a potential return for a TD or even two. That should lead to a huge game by the Lions.

Jacksonville Jaguars at home vs San Diego Chargers (Grade: A): The blueprint for beating the Jaguars is to run the ball and avoid their pass defense as much as possible. So what do the Jaguars do, they add a certified run stopper in Marcell Dareus. The Jaguars are as close to the 85 Bears as we have seen in years. They are young, very good and will dominate this week and going forward.

Los Angels Rams at home vs Houston Texans (Grade: A -): Any hope that the Texans could survive the loss of Deshaun Watson ended with an embarrassing loss to the Colts. How fitting was it for the game to end with a turnover from Tom Savage? The Rams have feasted on weak teams all season long and this week will be no different. The only reason they are sightly below the other two defenses is that I think Miller and Foreman could both have good games if the defense can slow down the Rams offense.

Fools Gold Defense Of The Week

Denver Broncos at home vs New England Patriots (Grade: F): I know the Broncos are 2nd in the league in yards allowed per game but this ranking is more about their offense. The team looked like they quit last week against Philadelphia. They can’t run the ball like they were earlier in the year and they are starting Brock Osweiler at quarterback. The Patriots have been getting better on defense and should shut the Broncos down. This will lead to exactly what you saw last week. The Patriots will score a ton of points by taking advantage of a short field.

Daily Fantasy Corner

Chicago Bears at home vs Green Bay Packers (DK $3,000/ FD $4,300): The Bears have a very good defense that is hindered by a weak offense. The good news this week is that this shouldn’t be a problem against a very weak Packers offense. The Packers play makers have not been the same since Aaron Rodgers went down, which was to be expected. The Bears are a steal this week.

Looking Forward To The Playoffs:

We are nearing the time when you will want to start looking towards the playoffs and try to hold onto a defense with solid playoff match-ups. For the next few weeks I am going to highlight a few teams who have good schedules the rest of the way.

Detroit Lions: Going forward the only good offense that the Lions will face would have been the Buccaneers but with Winston most likely out the Lions have a very good schedule the rest of the way. They have the Browns, Bears, Vikings, Ravens, Buccaneers, Bears, Bengals, and Packers. If you pick up the Lions this week you can start them with confidence every week going ahead.


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