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New England Patriots at home vs Miami Dolphins (Grade: A)

I wrote last week that it is time to start taking the Patriots defense seriously. They proceeded to shut down the Raiders offense and hold them to only 8 points. The Dolphins offense is far worse than the Raiders offense and they do not have a single player that scares you. The Patriots have made a pattern of getting better on defense as the season progresses every year. The Patriots are primed for a shutout this week.

Washington Redskins at home vs New York Giants (Grade: A-)

The other team I mentioned that is a great streaming option going forward is the Redskins. The Redskins are an average defense which is what makes them a great streaming option. Their schedule going forward is very easy and they should be available in most leagues. If you have a defense like the Saints or Vikings who both have a few difficult games down the stretch you can pick up the Redskins and stream them according to match ups.

San Diego Chargers at Dallas Cowboys (Grade: B+)

The Cowboys have fallen apart on offense without Ezekiel Elliott and the Chargers are getting better on Defense. Joey Bosa is a freak of nature and a complete disruptive force. The best way to beat the Chargers is by running the ball and the Cowboys can’t run the ball right now. This is a great game to stream the chargers defense.

Daily Fantasy Corner

Philadelphia Eagles at home vs Chicago Bears (DK $3,600/ FD $4,900)

If you want a Ferrari you have to pay for it. This week the Eagles are a Ferrari and you should be paying for them. They have a great defense and an even better match-up.

Looking Forward To The Playoffs

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are another average team with a nice schedule going into the fantasy playoffs. They have the Bengals, Chargers, Packers, Ravens, Bears, and Steelers. Four out of those six games are against the worst offenses in the league. If you have a defense with a tough match-up the Browns are an option for you to plug in because of their schedule.

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