Thursday - Sep 24, 2020



Green Bay Packers (vs. Chicago): Green Bay has a Top-10 defense so far this year. They are the ninth-best team in the league in quarterback sacks while Chicago has one of the worst pass offenses in the league. Chicago is also one of the worst teams in turnover differential in the league. Taking all of this into consideration and adding into the equation a short week and the fact that Green Bay is playing at home, you have the makings of a great week for the Green Bay defense. You can expect a big game from Clay Matthews, and Mike Glennon to throw two interceptions.

New York Jets (vs. Jacksonville): Most people who have the Jacksonville defense are not streaming this week, so I can’t recommend them as a streaming defense this week. If Jacksonville is available by some inexplicable reason, it’s a must start this week and for the rest of the season. With that being said, the Jets are a strong play this week. The Jets shut down the Miami run game last week, holding Jay Ajayi to 16 yards on 11 carries. If a team can shut down the Jacksonville rushing attack and force Blake Bortles to throw the ball, it can only mean good things. I am going to have to see Bortles have more than one good week before I begin to think he is a viable quarterback again. Jacksonville is also traveling from London to New York and that will weigh on the team’s performance.

Cincinnati Bengals (at Cleveland): No team turns the ball over more than Cleveland. DeShone Kizer leads the league in interceptions and while he has looked better as the weeks have progressed, he is still throwing way too many interceptions. The Cincinnati defense has looked great at both rushing the quarterback and at causing turnovers. Geno Atkins is having a fantastic season and you can expect at least two sacks from him. Cincinnati will also cause at least two turnovers. If Cincinnati can get the offense going and allow that team to rest a little, this has the makings of the top defense to play this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers (at Baltimore): Something is wrong with Joe Flacco. He just hasn’t looked right and all the proof we needed came last week when he was benched for Ryan Mallett. Pittsburgh has the second-best defense in the league and are hoping to get T.J. Watt back this week. Pittsburgh is going to blitz Flacco or whomever is playing all day and that will lead to both sacks and turnovers.

Daily Fantasy Corner

Los Angeles Chargers (vs. Philadelphia) (Draft Kings $2,500 / FanDuel $4,300): The Chargers are right in the middle of the pack for team defense. Do not underestimate how much the loss of Darren Sproles is going to mean to the Philadelphia offense. I see the Chargers as a strong bargain play this week and picking the right bargain is what wins daily leagues.

Cincinnati Bengals (at Cleveland) (Draft Kings $3,500 / FanDuel $4,600): I already spoke about how Cleveland turns the ball over. This is going to be the No. 1 defense for the week and if you can afford it, it will be well worth the cap space spent.

Kansas City Chiefs (vs. Washington) (Draft Kings $3,100 / FanDuel $4,800): Any week when Kansas City is not the most expensive team defense, it is a bargain. Kansas City at home is dominant and I am not sold on the Washington offense on the road.

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