Wednesday - Sep 30, 2020



Top Streamers Of The Week

Miami Dolphins at home vs Tennessee Titans (Grade: A+): This is my A+ play of the week. With Marcus Mariota out for the game the Titans have to rely on Matt Cassel at quarterback. This means that the Titans will have to rely on their rushing attack to move the ball. The duo of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry are formidable pair but so is the Miami rush defense. The Dolphins have the 4th best rush defense in the league. With Ndamukong Suh clogging up the middle it will be tough to find holes. You can also expect the Dolphins to sell out to stop the run so even if you can beat Suh it will still be tough going. If the Dolphins can move the ball at all and avoid turnovers it is reasonable to expect a shutout this week.

San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts (Grade: B+) Let’s clarify one thing, I do not think the 49ers are a good team. When you are streaming defenses though it is important to look at match-ups. Looking at the match-up with the Colts you see a team that just can not move the ball. The Colts are the 31st team in yards per game, that screams play the match up. Also when you look deeper you see that the Colts can’t stop the run either, which plays into the 49ers hands. The 49ers are going to run the ball all game long and chew up the clock. This is going to keep the defense fresh and limit the Colts offensive attempts.

Chicago Bears at home vs Minnesota Vikings (Grade: B): The Bears have a Top-10 defense in yards allowed per game. They have played very hard on defense and if it wasn’t for their awful offense they could be a Top-5 defense in the league. The coaches have finally decided to make the switch to Mitchell Trubisky and we can only expect things to improve. The Vikings are having some major problems on offense keeping people healthy. Sam Bradford is still questionable to play and they lost Dalvin Cook for the year. The only player that scares anyone right now is Stefon Diggs and the Bears can double cover him with a safety.

Fools Gold Defense Of The Week

Buffalo Bills at the Cincinnati Bengals ( Grade: F for Fools Gold): Now that bye weeks have started and choices are limited I decided to include a fools gold team each week. This is the team I think some will expect to play well but will end up disappointing you. When you look at this match-up you see a Top-10 defense in the Bills vs a Bottom-10 offense in the Bengals. Normally this would lead you to think that this match-up is ideal but I don’t think so. The Bills have played three of the four worst offenses in the league in Denver, NY Jets, and Carolina. They did face the Falcons but that was with a less than healthy Julio Jones. The Bengals on the other hand have faced three tough defenses in Baltimore, Houston, and Green Bay. When they finally faced a weak defense they exploded. The momentum stays with the Bengals and you should stay away from Buffalo.

Daily Fantasy Corner

San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts (Draft Kings $2,600 / Fan Duel $4,200): I all ready mentioned how much I like the 49ers this week and at this value this is the best daily fantasy play.


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