Wednesday - Sep 30, 2020



Top Streamers Of The Week

Denver Broncos at home vs New York Giants (Grade: A+)

Most owners will not keep two defenses on their roster even if they are one of the best defenses in the league. This is your opportunity to swoop in and take advantage of their mistake. This is a dream match-up for any defense. The Giants will be without their top 4 wideouts (as of now Sterling Shepard is in a walking boot), they can not run the ball with any consistency, and their season is all but over. Denver on the other hand has one of the best defenses in the league and is playing at home. There are no sure things in life but the Broncos are as close as you can get and if they are available you can ride them for the rest of the season.

Atlanta Falcons at home vs Miami Dolphins (Grade: A)

The Falcons may not be one of the best defenses in the league but they do boast a fast front seven who can pressure the quarterback. Jay Cutler is well Jay Cutler and is showing why no other team wanted him during the off-season. That isn’t shocking to anyone but what is shocking to some is how inconsistent Jay Ajayi has been. Without any true offensive weapon to speak of and an offense that can blow the doors off of the Dolphins, this match-up appears to be just as good as the Denver one. Expect 4 sacks and at least 3 turnovers for the Falcons.

Washington Redskins vs San Francisco 49ers (Grade: B)

The Redskins surprisingly have a Top 10 defense this year. While I don’t think that will last, they are a safe bet to have a good week against a very week 49ers offense. The one area that you could count on being good for the 49ers was the running game. Then last week we found out that the 49ers are now going with the “hot hand” at RB. With a team that lacks a steady presence at any position this is going to complicate things even more. The 49ers are a mess; the Redskins are going to take advantage of this and have a great week.

Fools Gold Defense Of The Week

New England Patriots at New York Jets (Grade: F)

The New York Jets are a bad offensive team who may have lost their best offensive player (Bilal Powell) for this game. So why are the Patriots fools gold this week? They have far and away the worst defense in the league. The Patriots are giving up 50 yards a game more than the next worst team in the league. The Patriots can not stop anyone and while I don’t think the Jets will put up over 400 yards like every other team who has faced the Patriots has, they will still have a good enough day to keep the Patriots as the worst defense in the league.

Daily Fantasy Corner:

Chicago Bears at Baltimore Ravens (Draft Kings $2,700/ Fan Duel $4,200)

The Bears have a defense that is out performing expectations. The Ravens offense has not been playing well this season. The Ravens have no running back to speak of and Flacco hasn’t been playing well. The Bears are a great cheap play this week.

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