Saturday - Sep 19, 2020



Minnesota Vikings at the Cleveland Browns (Grade: A+)

Like the Jaguars last week versus the the Colts, this is one of those can’t miss match-ups. The Vikings defense is one of the best in the league and they continually shut down the best offenses in the league. The Browns are not one of the leagues best offenses in fact, they may be the worst offense in the league. What makes matters worse is what the front office and coaching staff is doing to their quarterback. This start/sit routine that they are putting DeShone Kizer through is ruining whatever confidence he has. Lack of confidence leads to second guessing and indecision, which leads to sacks and turnovers.

New Orleans Saints at home versus Chicago Bears (Grade: A)

The Saints are easily the surprise defense this year. They have played very well and have been very good at causing turnovers. The Bears on the other hand have one of the most conservative offensive schemes in the NFL. Over the last three games Mitchell Trubisky has attempted a total of 48 passes, while only completing 24 of those. So far this game plan has worked for the Bears because they have gotten such good play from their defense. The problem is, the Bears defense won’t be able to do that again this week. If they want to win, the Bears are going to have to throw the ball in order to keep up with the Saints. That is going to play into the Saints hands and allow them to get sacks and turnovers.

Philadelphia Eagles at home versus San Francisco 49ers (Grade: A)

The Eagles have been the closest thing to the most perfect team that the NFL has this year. They have been good on both offense and defense this year. The 49ers have been the exact opposite of the Eagles and have been bad on both sides of the ball. The Eagles are going to get ahead early, pin their ears back, and attack the 49ers offense. This will be a great game for the Eagles defense.

Fools Gold Defense of the Week

Baltimore Ravens at home versus Miami Dolphins (Grade: D)

This is the second week in a row that I picked Baltimore as the fools gold defense of the week. Just like last week this has more to do with the offense than the defense. The defense is just getting over worked due to the poor play of the offense. Like last week, the defense will play well for three quarters and then fall apart in the 4th quarter because they will just get tired out. Another factor to consider is the fact that Jay Cutler is out due to injury. This is a good thing for Miami because Matt Moore is the better quarterback.

Daily Fantasy Corner

Detroit Lions at home versus Pittsburgh Steelers (DK $2,600/FD $4,500)

When a defense is playing Pittsburgh you have to look at where they are playing. If the Steelers are home you should avoid them but when the Steelers are on the road you need to play that defense. When that defense is as good the Lions  and as cheap as they are, you should definitely play them.

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Mike is an avid fantasy football player and competes in keeper leagues that are open year round. He is an elementary school teacher by trade so we can only assume that he must also have the patience of a Saint. We hope you enjoy his viewpoint.

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