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STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE: Good/Bad Matchups – Week 6

NO MORE INJURIES! Geez, I feel like I say this every week, but Week 5 again wasn’t kind to us (especially the New York Giants…sigh). Charles Clay had his knee scoped, so his return is anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota are questionable at best for this week, and the bye weeks also continue. That means you need to get any of the players from Seattle, Dallas, Cincinnati, and Buffalo out of your lineups. Jay Cutler continues to have cake matchups, but do not play him. He stinks and needs to re-retire — I mean it when I say he won’t be mentioned again here. Let’s go ahead and dive into some quarterbacks and tight ends with exploitable matchups in Week 6.

Tight Ends

Good Matchups

A.J. Derby, DEN (vs. New York Giants)

He isn’t really a household name, but there is something that the Sharks need to know. The Giants can’t keep tight ends out of the end zone. I kid you not, a tight end has scored on the lowly Giants in every game this year. Yep, that’s five games with 5 separate tight ends scoring a touchdown. No more stats are needed for this pick, as this is as good as it gets. Get Derby into your lineups this week, Sharks!

Ryan Griffin, HOU (vs. Cleveland)

Griffin didn’t do much in Week 5, as he only had two receptions for 22 yards. However, the Browns are the 6th easiest matchup for a tight end. Austin Seferian-Jenkins scored on them in Week 5 and you should expect that trend to continue. Don’t let Griffin’s Week 5 performance scare you away from this golden matchup. By the way, Austin Seferian-Jenkins gets the New England Patriots in Week 6, who just let Cameron Brate go bonkers in Week 5. Keep him in your lineup if you have him (if you read this article, you should already have him).

Bad Matchup

Jared Cook, OAK (vs. Los Angeles Chargers)

I’ve advocated for Cook before in this article, but he needs to be on your bench in Week 6. The Chargers are the 5th hardest matchup for a tight end which was on full display in Week 5. Evan Engram had 0 (yes, zero) catches on 4 targets against the Chargers in Week 5. Which is astonishing considering the injuries that the receivers endured for the Giants. As mentioned earlier, Derek Carr probably won’t play this week though we will see what happens in practice this week. Week 6 could be a lost cause for Cook, so keep an eye on this situation.


Good Matchups

Josh McCown, NYJ (vs. New England)

I feel dirty mentioning McCown here, but he has an awesome matchup this week. The Patriots grade out as the 3rd easiest matchup for a quarterback, so don’t be shocked when the journeyman puts up decent numbers. He actually had a 76.7% completion percentage against the Browns in Week 5; tossing two touchdowns in the process. He could have an even better game this week. I’m loving the McCown to Seferian-Jenkins stack this week (gross…I know…but stats don’t lie). Stream away, Sharks.

Carson Palmer, ARI (vs. Tampa Bay)

Palmer was a bit of a letdown in Week 5, as he tossed just one touchdown. He did still throw for 291 yards, and I consider that low for him. The Cardinals can’t run the ball, which is why they air it out more often than not. That’s a beautiful thing for fantasy purposes. Tampa Bay is the 6th easiest matchup for a quarterback thus far this season. That, partnered with the crazy amount of passes the Cardinals attempt week in and week out, is a recipe for fantasy gold (well, at least a QB1 performance).

Bad Matchup

Carson Wentz, PHI (at Carolina)

Yes, Wentz just ripped apart Arizona’s defense to the tune of four touchdowns but this week is different. The Panthers grade out as the 4th hardest matchup for a quarterback, which is no bueno. He has acclimated himself as a starting quarterback for a majority of fantasy leagues, but expectations need to be tempered in Week 6. Drew Brees is the only quarterback to really torch the Panthers (three touchdowns), but seriously, it’s Drew Brees. If you have other options at the quarterback position, you may want to give them some thought over Wentz in Week 6.

A Look Ahead to Week 7…

Tight ends are just difficult to gauge, but the matchups change everything. George Kittle gets the Cowboys in Week 7, which is the easiest matchup for a tight end. I’m curious to see how Kittle fares in Week 6 after his 83 yards and a touchdown performance. He is a solid add this week. Kyle Rudolph gets the Ravens defense in Week 7, and they grade out as the 4th easiest matchup for a tight end. I REALLY like Rudolph if Sam Bradford is behind center.

As for quarterbacks, the two easiest matchups are against the Titans and the Browns. Guess what? They face each other in Week 7, so whomever the heck is starting at quarterback for both teams deserves your streaming consideration. It’ll be interesting to see how Tyrod Taylor fares without Charles Clay, but he does get Tampa Bay in Week 7. He may have to run more (possibly a lot more…) without Clay at his disposal, which is great for fantasy purposes.

Good luck to you all in Week 6. These are the weeks where streaming can be the reason why you win or lose a week, so play close attention. You can utilize the Fantasy Sharks Strength of Schedule yourself to find good and bad matchups for any part of the upcoming season.  As always, don’t hesitate to ask me any and everything regarding fantasy football on Twitter (my Twitter handle can be found below). Until next time, Sharks!




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