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Super Bowl XLIII: Super Bowl Facts

The big game is here and everyone is invited no matter which team you root for. If your team is in the big game, you are enjoying all the media coverage and anticipation of your team winning a championship. If your team is out of the playoffs then you are just kicking back, waiting for the festivities and looking forward to the commercials.

Here are some interesting Super Bowl facts:


 140 Million – Number of Americans that saw Super Bowl XLl.

2. 232 countries and territories broadcast the Super Bowl.

3. 34 languages in which the Super Bowl is broadcast.

4. $300-400 million projected economic benefit to the


Bay area.

5. $3 million – cost of a 30-second advertising spot on Super Bowl XLIII game coverage.

6. 7.5 million parties are held on Super Bowl Sunday with 43.9 million partygoers.

7. 1.5 million TV sets will be sold during the week leading up to Super Bowl.

8. Super Bowl is the top at-home party event of the year, ahead of New Year’s Eve.

9. Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day of food consumption, second only to Thanksgiving.

10. Jerry Rice has scored the most touchdowns (seven) in three Super Bowls.


Defensive tackle Mike Lodish has played the most Super Bowls (six), four with

Buffalo and two with


12. No network footage exists of Super Bowl I. It was taped over, supposedly for a soap opera.

13. No NFL team has ever played the Super Bowl on its own home field.

14. The Dolphins are the only team that failed to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl game.

Miami scored just three points in a 21-point loss to

Dallas in Super Bowl VI in

New Orleans.

15. The longest field goal in Super Bowl history was by Steve Christie. Christie hit a 54-yarder in the first quarter of Super Bowl XXVIII vs.

Dallas. Jason Elam has the second-longest field goal of 51 yards.

16. The Vince Lombardi Trophy is made by Tiffany, takes 72 man hours to produce, and it costs $12,500.

17. Twenty-four of 32 NFL teams have played in the Super Bowl — AFC (13), NFC (11).

18. Teams scoring first are 27–15 (.643); 14–7 (.667) with a touchdown, 12–8 (.600) with a field goal and 1–0 with a safety.

19. Teams scoring 32+ points are 18–0; 30+ points, 21–1 (.955); 20+ points, 37–10 (.787); under 20 points, 5–32 (.135); under 14 points, 0–17.

20. Touchdowns have been scored in every game to-date.

21. Field goals have been converted in 40 of 42 Super Bowls to-date.

22. Teams scoring the game’s first touchdown are 30–12 (.714); the game’s first field goal, 22–18 (.550).

23. Teams leading after one quarter are 21–10 (.677). Eleven Super Bowls have been tied at the end of the first quarter.

24. Teams leading at halftime are 32–8 (.800). Two Super Bowls have been tied at halftime.

25. Teams leading after three quarters are 35–6 (.854). One Super Bowl has been tied at the end of the third quarter.

26. Teams shutout in the first half are 0–11; in the second half 1–7 (.125).

27. Teams with lower-numbered seeds are 13–12 (.520) and NFC teams have won six of eight Super Bowls matching same-numbered seeds, which thus far have always been No. 1 vs.

  No. 1. Playoff seedings were first instituted in the 1975 season.

28. When the game matches two teams that played each other during the regular season, the regular season loser is 7–5 (.583), having won five of the last six.

29. Twenty-two Super Bowls have seen both teams hold the lead at least once.

30. There has never been a Super Bowl overtime, although three games have been tied in the final minute.

31. There has never been a Super Bowl shutout; every Super Bowl participant to date has scored at least three points.

32. No Super Bowl has ever been scoreless at halftime.

33. Teams gaining a double-digit lead during the game are 37–1 (.974).

Four Super Bowls haven’t had such a point difference.

34. No team or coach has ever won more than two consecutive Super Bowls.

35. No coach has ever won Super Bowls with two different clubs. However, five coaches have taken two different clubs to the Super Bowl and four have won at least once with one of the teams: Don Shula with the Colts (0–1) and Dolphins (2–3), Bill Parcells with the Giants (2–0) and Patriots (0–1), Mike Holmgren with the Packers (1–1) and Seahawks (0–1), and Dick Vermeil with the Eagles (0–1) and Rams (1–0). Dan Reeves is the exception, having taken both the Broncos (three times) and Falcons (once) to the Super Bowl, but losing every appearance with both teams.

I’m hoping for a great Super Bowl and look forward to writing for everyone in 2009. Take care.


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