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Super Bowl XLV: It’s All About the Facts

The Super Bowl is here, and that means another chapter in the Brew Crew Corner has been completed. I would like to thank everyone who has supported my article over the years and those who have taken the time to edit, view and read my submissions. I hope to see everyone in the 2011 season.

The Super Bowl is one of my favorite pastimes. It is the sporting event I remember watching the most growing up as a kid, and now that I am an adult I enjoy making plans and seeing the game with friends and family.

We as football fans enjoy different aspects of the game. Some enjoy watching the commercials while other enjoy participating in various pools. For those lucky enough to have a team playing in the big game, we immerse ourselves in all the stats, facts and hype leading up to the game.

I for one love reading facts on the game, and at this time of year stats and information come pouring out from all over. Here are some interesting factoids I’ve found for 2011. Enjoy.

Super Bowl Game Facts

• The Pittsburgh Steelers have participated in seven Super Bowl games, winning six. This is their third appearance in the past six years, their last two trips resulting in victories.

• The Green Bay Packers have appeared in four Super Bowl games, winning three. They won the first two Super Bowl games ever played and Super Bowl XXXI.

• Mike Tomlin is 5-1 in the postseason. He became the youngest coach to ever win a Super Bowl when he led Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XLIII.

• Mike McCarthy is 4-2 in the playoffs. He was named NFL Coach of the Year in 2007.

• Over the past decade, the favorite has gone 6-4 in the Super Bowl.

• Green Bay is the second No. 6 seed to advance to the Super Bowl. Coincidentally, Pittsburgh was the first, going to the 2006 Super Bowl.

 •Of the Top 10 career leaders in passer rating, seven have won Super Bowls. Aaron Rodgers is the most efficient passer in NFL history.

• Pittsburgh has 25 players with Super Bowl experience. Green Bay has just two players with Super Bowl experience.

Top 5 Passing Yards

1.  Kurt Warner        1999   STL     414
2.  Kurt Warner        2008   ARI     377
3.  Kurt Warner        2001   STL     365
4.  Joe Montana        1988   SF       357
5.  Donovan McNabb  2004 PHI     357

Top 5 Rushing Yards

1.  Timmy Smith       1987   WAS  204
2.  Marcus Allen        1983   LAR      191
3.  John Riggins        1982   WAS    166
4.  Franco Harris      1974   PIT     158
5.  Terrell Davis        1997   DEN    157

Top 5 Receiving Yards

1.  Jerry Rice           1988   SF      215
2.  Ricky Sanders     1987   WAS    193
3.  Isaac Bruce         1999   STL     162
4.  Lynn Swann        1975   PIT     161
5.  Andre Reed         1992   BUF    152

Super Bowl Food Facts

• The average number of guests at any given Super Bowl party: 17.

• $55 million will be spent on food for game day parties.

• 10 million man-hours will be spent preparing Super Bowl Party food.

• Super Bowl Sunday is the second leading food consumption day, next to Thanksgiving.

• 15,000 tons of chips, 4,000 tons popcorn and 8 million pounds guacamole will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

• The average person consumes 3,000 calories on Super Bowl Sunday.

Source: Meijer

Super Bowl Social Media Facts

• 31 percent of people polled plan to share their favorite Super Bowl ads with others via email, Facebook or Twitter.

• 22 percent of Americans plan to be on Facebook, 22 percent plan to be texting, and 4 percent plan to tweet during the game.

• 15.4 percent of 18-24 year-old viewers agree the commercials influence them to buy products from advertisers.

• Americans will eat 30 million pounds of snacks on the big game day, enough fat to equal the weight of 13,000 NFL offensive linemen.

• The average person is expected to spend $59.33 on game-related merchandise, apparel and snacks.

Source: Knowteria

So who will win Super Bowl XLV? I think this is going to be one of those really close games that comes down to a kick at the end. Steelers win.

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