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Super Sleeper List of Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

This list is for the brave, the bold, the daring. It is a list where I point out players that have very high potential based on their opportunities. These players are not being selected at the end of the draft currently because of people not seeing their opportunity, but this could/will change.

It’s coming up on the preseason and training camp time! This is where opportunities come to light for players and information begins to reach the fantasy football world on up and coming players. All you have to do is stay in tune with the info coming from camps and watch the preseason games to see if these opportunities are becoming reality.

Below are players that have an opportunity to become sleepers in 2015, but they have to take advantage of that opportunity. Let’s dive in and make some mental notes before training camps and preseason starts!

Wide Receivers

  • Brian Quick (WR) St. Louis Rams: #1 receiver on the team, showed flashes last season before getting hurt
  • Allen Robinson (WR) Jacksonville Jaguars: Lots of buzz coming from Jags camp about his potential
  • Cecil Shorts (WR) Houston Texans: He is the #2 WR, versatile, speedy, and on an offensive-minded head coach’s team, if Ryan Mallet or Brian Hoyer are decent, potential there
  • Kendall Wright (WR) Tennessee Titans: If Mariota performs decently, a quick slot receiver would be the leader for opportunities in that offense
  • John Brown (WR) Arizona Cardinals: Explosive receiver with slower wide receivers around him, could spark offense from slot
  • Marvin Jones (WR) Cincinnati Bengals: If he can stay healthy, #2 WR on the Bengals offense opposite of the constantly double-teamed A.J. Green. What if Green gets hurt again?
  • Steve Smith Sr. (WR) Baltimore Ravens: Word is he will see less snaps, when the other receivers on the roster don’t pan out, who do you think will return to seeing every snap?
  • Dwayne Bowe (WR) Cleveland Browns: What if McCown shows turns out to be decent? He is the #1 WR on the roster and has the natural size to be the red zone target in this offense


Tight Ends

  • Josh Hill (TE) New Orleans Saints: Replacing Jimmy Graham is his task, can he do it?
  • Kyle Rudolph (TE) Minnesota Vikings: Bridgewater has had a full offseason and will improve; will Rudolph be the man in the middle and in the red zone?
  • Jace Amaro (TE) New York Jets: Jets moving to more of a spread offense, has the skill set to be more explosive in this offense
  • Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TE) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A consistent ideal in the NFL is that a rookie quarterback’s favorite target in his 1st year is his tight end
  • Maxx Williams (TE) Baltimore Ravens: I’ve never been a fan of rookie tight ends, but the combination of lack of talent and depth on the Ravens’ roster and new OC Marc Trestman could make this opportunity become reality
  • Mychal Rivera (TE) Oakland Raiders: see Kyle Rudolph and insert “Carr” for “Bridgewater”
  • Larry Donnell (TE) New York Giants: The man saw 22 red zone targets last year, an offseason later, could he produce from those kinds of looks?

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