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Surviving Week 14

Fantasy playoffs are here for some leagues and that is a sign that the NFL season is winding down. Just four more weeks left in the season and after an early scare by Seattle in the first half, Carolina showed why they are a 1-11 football team. Back-to-back late season advances by selecting the Cleveland Browns and Seattle Seahawks over the Panthers could allow you have one or two elite teams down the stretch. Check out my Week 14 game-by-game analysis…

Week 1 – New York Giants – WIN

Week 2 – Green Bay Packers – WIN

Week 3 – New England Patriots – WIN

Week 4 – New Orleans Saints – WIN

Week 5 – Indianapolis Colts – WIN

Week 6 – Chicago Bears – LOSS

(I will begin giving multiple options for future weeks after my first loss).

Week 7
1. Saints – L /
2. Ravens – W /
3. Chiefs – W

Week 8
1. Jets – L /
2. Chiefs – W / 3. Rams – W

Week 9
1. Packers – W /
2. Vikings – W

Week 10
1. Buccaneers – W /
2. Colts – W /
3. Giants – L

Week 11
1. Titans – L /
2. Saints – W /
3. Chiefs – W /
4. Jets – W

Week 12
1. Jets – W /
2. Giants – W /
3. Browns – W /
4. Steelers – W

Week 13
1. Packers – W /
2. Eagles – W /
3. Seahawks – W /
4. Chargers – W /
5. Giants. – W

On to Week 14 …

Thursday Night Football

Colts at Titans – Both of these teams are going in the wrong direction. Stay away.

Sunday Day Games

Raiders at Jaguars – The Jaguars have the AFC South in their hands if they win out. The Raiders can also potentially take the AFC West if they win out and get a little help. Avoid.

Bengals at Steelers – Never like picking divisional games, especially against a team on a losing streak. Pittsburgh just played a tough, emotional game against Baltimore and that could play a factor here. Stay away if possible.

Patriots at Bears – Have to give Chicago credit since they are 9-3, but here comes the rough part of their schedule. Let’s see how they finish December. However, I think they get New England at a time where they could be picked off after a big win on Monday night against the New York Jets.

Browns at Bills – Avoid this one.

Giants at Vikings – The Giants are only a couple point favorite in this one and questions surround Brett Favre’s status yet again. Stay away.

Packers at Lions – Always bet against Detroit on the road, but at home they’ve been playing better. I think they’ll hang with the Packers in this one.

Falcons at Panthers – Carolina is 1-11 and they’re not going to steal one from 10-2 Atlanta, who has their sights set on the No. 1 overall seed in the NFC. Forget the divisional road game trap. Atlanta’s a choice for Week 14.

Buccaneers at Redskins – Same old Redskins. For the last few years, analysts have projected the Redskins to have that breakout 10-6 year and make the playoffs. With some acquisitions and a new head coach, this was yet again Washington’s year. However, it failed to happen and they have a few embarrassing losses to some NFC East opponents. That 13-7 win on Sunday night against Dallas in Week 1 is ages away. Tampa Bay lost its center and arguably its best defensive player for the season last week, so this will be a tough game for the Buccaneers as well. They laid it all out on the line last weekend in an attempt to beat Atlanta, but fell short. I’ll still pick Tampa Bay to win, but avoid in survivor.

Rams at Saints – The point spread in this one is around nine and many of the high spreads have not been covering this season. However, this is the Rams’ third straight road game. They have won the previous two, but it is always a difficult task to take the final one. The Rams have been able to play their opponents close this season, but I’m going to say the Saints can win by 10-plus in this one. Even though the Saints have been a bit lucky the last two games, they still have too much offensive firepower at home.

Seahawks at 49ers – Seattle plays much better at home and San Francisco should remember that Week 1 blowout loss to the Seahawks. However, I cannot put any confidence in the 49ers. Avoid this NFC West game.

Dolphins at Jets – If last week was the biggest regular season game the Jets have ever played, this week is probably the second. The Jets need to rebound and win this game for many reasons. So much hype and talk (mainly from the Jets’ camp) surrounded Monday Night’s game and the Jets got pummeled. A loss like that could spiral this team into disarray and have their fans saying this is the same old Jets. After this week, they have trips to Pittsburgh and Chicago looming. New York needs to make a statement this Sunday because the doubters are beginning to line up.

Broncos at Cardinals – New quarterback for Arizona and new head coach for Denver = avoid this one. However, firing Wade Phillips and Brad Childress resulted into wins for their respective teams in their next game. I’ll go with the trend and pick Denver.

Chiefs at Chargers – It finally caught up to the Chargers last week against Oakland. Now, they’ll have another chance in the division against Kansas City. A win for the Chiefs could put them one step closer to clinching the division. Avoid.

Sunday Night Football

Eagles at Cowboys – Tough break for Dallas losing Dez Bryant for the season, but this team has been playing with a lot of passion since the firing of Wade Phillips. Pass on the NFC East battle.

Monday Night Football

Ravens at Texans – Houston will have had 10 days to prepare for the Ravens, who are coming off a brutal loss to Pittsburgh. They should respond fine, but I don’t like picking against home teams who relish the rare Monday night appearance.

SELECTIONS: There are not many options since I like a lot of the road teams to win this week. I never feel fully confident when picking a road team in survivor, but in Week 14, you do not have many choices. Atlanta and New Orleans are your top two choices. The New York Giants are are third. And if you are looking for a gutsy pick because you have no other options, go with Denver on the road against Arizona. I’ll throw one more team in the mix and that’s the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night.

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