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Surviving Week 17

Sixteen weeks down, one to go. Most fantasy championships are over. However, it is the most important week of the season for survivor hopefuls. Don’t miss out on the final game-by-game analysis when you make your Week 17 pick!

On to the games…

Dolphins @ Patriots – The Patriots have not disclosed who will play and will not, but it’s unlikely you have New England at this stage of the game anyway.

Bucs @ Saints – The #1 seed in the NFC is still up for grabs and there is no reason to believe the Saints will bench their starters. Use the Saints in the Superdome if they are available to you.

Panthers @ Falcons – Due to the Saints win on Monday night, the Falcons will need to win this game to clinch the #1 seed. Therefore, if you somehow have the current #1 seed in the NFC, use them.

Cowboys @ Eagles – The Eagles will still be playing tough as their game time is scheduled the same as the Bears, who are playing for the #2 seed. This is still a divisional battle, but with Jon Kitna suffering an injury last game, it could be easy times for the Eagles.

Raiders @ Chiefs – The Chiefs have won the division and will look to finish 8-0 at home while the Raiders will attempt to do something that is very uncommon – finish 6-0 in the division, yet only .500 overall. I would stay away from this AFC West rivalry.

Titans @ Colts – You can take it to the bank that Peyton will not lose at home to the Titans to clinch a playoff berth. If you have Indy, use ‘em.

Jaguars @ Texans – The Jaguars will still be playing tough to win as they root for the Titans to knock of Indy. Texan players will be playing for their jobs as it appears a whole new staff could be coming into Houston in 2011. Use Jacksonville if you must.

Bengals @ Ravens – The AFC North is still up for grabs if the Browns can pull a big upset in Week 17 vs. Pittsburgh and the Ravens can hold of Cincinnati. Baltimore is a top option if you have them.

Vikings @ Lions – The Lions are a team you likely have available and if you have them, they are a solid choice this week. Detroit shockingly pulled off two road wins and now returns home to close out the season. Minnesota is playing on a short week and they have nothing left. The Lions will be a popular choice.

Giants @ Redskins – Disappointing end to the season yet again as Big Blue will be thinking about what could have been if not for the 8:17 collapse. I still like them this week as they still have playoff chances.

Steelers @ Browns – I expect this to be a hard-fought battle and I would avoid Pittsburgh if you have them. Cleveland would love to play spoiler and force Pittsburgh to be a wildcard team.

Bills @ Jets – The Jets backed into the playoffs last week and the status of Mark Sanchez is up in the air. Avoid the Jets this weekend with too many questions looming.

Chargers @ Broncos – The Chargers finally came back down to earth in December as the early hole they pull themselves in finally caught up with them. Denver has found some life in Mile High with the switch to Tim Tebow. I don’t know how much life San Diego will have in this one so Denver could be a possibility if you are out of Week 17 options.

Cardinals @ 49ers – Ah, the NFC West… Stay away.

Sunday Night Football

Rams @ Seahawks – I will say it again. Seattle is one team at home and another on the road. However, the status of Matt Hasselbeck is important. I think that football fans are rooting for the Rams to get in the playoffs, as I am, but they probably won’t last long against one of the stronger wildcard teams. However, it would be a big step for the team to get into the playoffs in Coach Spagnuolo’s second season.

SELECTIONS: Obvious choices if you have them include Atlanta, New Orleans Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. If you have none of those, my next choice is Detroit. No Lions? Go with Denver, who is playing with more passion than a hopeless San Diego team.

Good luck this weekend and thanks for reading this season!

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