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Survivor Analysis by Doug Coutts

Normally I don’t do stuff like this, as it’s a sure sign that my team will bite the big one, but this has to be said. If any of my competing owners disagree or have something else to say, then write it up so it can be posted for all to see in an article here. And before this begins, please, I know some of you are a little sensitive, but don’t take this personally, ok? I’m about to rip most of you to shreds so if you don’t like it, write your own article. This is going to be like taking candy from a baby.

Let’s dissect the teams from worst to first…

Joao Serrano:
QB Culpepper, Hasselbeck
RB Dunn, Shipp, Zereoue
WR Gardner, Horn, Kevin Johnson, Patten, Washington
TE Franks, Mili
K Feely, Hollis
D Packers, Seahawks

I feel like a lost puppy dog here looking for a bone. I mean, take a look…as the commercial once said, “Where’s the Beef?” Seriously. Just a pathetic group of runners, and you’d think as a result the other positions would be strong – not so. Culpepper and Horn the only two names worth crowing about here. Points are going to be extremely tough to come by for this group of players. A classic case of “What NOT to do” for your upcoming drafts. Though perhaps there is some knowledge about Shipp that is unknown to the rest of the universe at this time?

Glenn Anderson:
QB Blake, Brooks, Green
RB Alexander, George, Antowain Smith
WR Booker, Glenn, McCaffrey, Owens
TE Pollard
K Elam, Mare
D Bills, Cowboys, Redskins

Initially, I thought this was a team that might make some noise, but upon further review, this too is a sorry lot. As if the poor team was enough, if by some chance they make it to week 10, see ya later then. Could they have any more players with that bye week? Normally a team with a core of Alexander, George, Owens and Brooks might be ranked higher, but the supporting cast is extremely poor to meddling. While I do applaud the selection of three defenses to maximize points for that position, only taking one TE is just an unbelievable oversight. Don’t unpack your bags when you get to the island, you won’t be staying long.

Rob Schare:
QB Brees, Vick
RB Barber, Hambrick, Wiley
WR Bruce, Burress, AJohnson, KJohnson
TE Lewis, Miller
K Akers, Brien, Carney
D Bears, Steelers

Leave it to the King to try and corner the market on the best available Johnsons. Pun intended. This is a seriously bad team. Everything that could have done wrong at the draft, did. Vick is certainly a stud, and the killer Bs of Bruce, Burress and Barber should do ok, but after that, whoa, hide your women and children. Anything happens to Barber and ciao points from any RBs. Three kickers? Surely you jest.

Don Cleary:
QB Favre, Garcia
RB Bettis, Green, Hearst, Martin
WR Troy Brown, Galloway, Randle El, Rod Smith
TE Mitchell, Wycheck
K Dawson, Hanson
D Browns, Saints

Here’s another team that initially looks decent, but when you tear down the walls, you’re looking at rotted away support beams. Apparently, going for the senior citizen discount at RB, let’s hope that prescription drugs are still covered by the time the regular season opens. Decent core at WR led by Brown and Smith (if they both can return to their good form), and Favre and Garcia a strong pair at QB. Overall I just don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling from this team, too many questions, too geriatric.

Brad Wyatt:
QB Brady, Warner
RB Barlow, Holmes, Johnson, ESmith, Thomas
WR Bryant, Moss, Porter
TE Alexander, Brady
K MGramatica, Lindell
D Ravens, Panthers

Just too many question marks in this bunch. Barlow and Smith part timers with injury risk, and Thomas hasn’t done much since, well since ever. Speaking of ever, ever think Warner will be a dominant fantasy contributor? While he probably won’t be packing groceries any time soon, a clipboard may not be too far from his future in this league. Despite all the injury talk, I think that Holmes will return to form. He better and then some for this team to stay alive. Entire WR core relies on Moss, a lot to ask for a guy that has trouble driving himself around.

Mike Dion/Draft Coach:
QB Brunell, McNabb
RB Alstott, Bennett, Duckett, Tomlinson
WR Chambers, Driver, Rice, Robinson
TE Jolley, Stevens
K Andersen, Cortez
D Giants, Patriots

Time to rage against the machine. For those that didn’t know, Mr.Dion’s team was selected by some sort of program or machine or something like that. Suffice to say, I have no worries for being eliminated before this team. Perhaps somewhere in the code required that selected players for this team were on bye week 4 or 8? Overall, I will say the player selection was ok. Only riding with 2 QBs when one of them is Brunell is a little suspect. Much of this team’s success will depend on guys like Bennett, Chambers, and Rice, which is not something that I’d personally feel good about.

Mike Rumsey:
QB Gannon, Brad Johnson, Kitna
RB Stewart, White, Williams
WR Conway, Pinkston, Price, Ward
TE Crumpler, Fauria
K Rackers, Stover
D Bucs, Eagles

Normally I’d have a Mike Rumsey draft ranked higher, and I think he put together a decent team, but drafting on either of the ends (he had the #1 pick) leaves no room for error (see also Rob Schare’s draft). Quality players all over the place, but the team as a whole just doesn’t blow me away. Obviously, Williams is the leader, and Gannon and Ward will provide some additional umph. Strong selections on D will also generate some points, which are underrated in this format. Just not a big fan of the supporting cast. Stewart, Conway, Pinkston, eh.

Dave Tchorz:
QB Manning, Stewart
RB Dillon, Jordan, Mack, Portis
WR Morgan, Moulds, Stallworth, Taylor
TE Jones, Shockey
K Longwell, Wilkins
D 49ers, Chargers

This is another of those, looks good on paper teams, but may not have the gusto to go all the way. A solid quartet of point producers in Manning, Portis, Dillon and Moulds should keep this team afloat for a while, but the supporting cast is questionable. Manning has to produce week in and week out. But can Morgan, Stallworth or Taylor put up enough numbers to be a starter? I do like the scorn selection of Jordan, he could surprise and contribute in this type of format. Sometimes four guys can carry a team in this, we’ll have to wait and see.

Ron Anish:
QB McNair, Pennington
RB Betts, Canidate, Gary, McAllister
WR Harrison, Holt, SMoss, JSmith
TE Becht, Gonzalez
K Chandler, Vanderjadt
D Colts, Dolphins

This is as high as I can rank a WR based team. Harrison and Holt the clear leaders of this team, and McAllister is nothing to sneeze at, but beyond that? Gonzo is going to either feast or famine this year, and his production could be the key as to how far this team is able to go. McNair and Pennington are solid and perhaps a Jimmy Smith or Santana Moss can surprise? They will have to for this team to stay around long.

Pat Smith:
QB Bledsoe, Maddox
RB Garner, Henry, Taylor
WR Coles, Reed, Streets, Toomer, Wayne
TE Chamberlain, Sharpe
K Janikowski, Reed
D Falcons, Titans

New guy to the league checks in pretty high up the food chain, and I think for good reason. Extremely solid four pack of Garner, Henry, Taylor, and Toomer. Supporting cast of Bledsoe/Maddox, and a slew of decent WRs could spell victory for the rookie. Walked away from the draft having done everything they wanted to do and I’m not sure that it could have been done any better. No weakness to speak of in this lot. Time will tell if it will take him to the top.

Tony Holm:
QB Carr, Collins, Fiedler
RB Davis, MFaulk, Green, Pittman
WR Boston, CJohnson, Muhammed
TE McMichael, Ricks
K Edinger, Hall
D Jaguars, Rams

A near perfect draft – strategy and execution. The only real fly in the ointment is the status of Pittman, but nothing that could have been done about that. Faulk, Davis, Green, Boston, Chad Johnson….I mean, who is your Daddy, you know? I’ve tried to poke holes in this lineup, but there’s nothing that jumps out as being poor. Lower end QB quality offset by the quantity, decent in all positions. Can they become the sole survivor?

Doug Coutts:
QB Harrington, Plummer, Ramsey
RB Buckhalter, James, Lewis, Staley
WR Jackson, Mason, Rogers
TE Heap, Witten
K Nedney, Vinatieri
D Jets, Raiders

Ok, ok, before you get your panties all up in a bunch, I’m not predicting that mine is the best team. In fact, it’s probably far from it (though it’d be nice to make it to the second half of the season). I just felt like having it listed last, so you might think that I thought that it will be the best. I think. Thank? Thunk? In any case, solid trio of James, Lewis and Staley should produce, but it’s the other guys that are a bit questionable. Success of the team will depend on one of the QBs stepping up, and one of the WRs doing the same. Heap better produce, too or I may never select a TE again!


So that’s it, got something to say? Think you can do better? Bring it on…

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