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Survivor Exit Interview – Dave Tchorz

Well, I can’t say this was totally unexpected.  I’ve been taking on water for about a month or so and I’m probably pretty fortunate to have made it this far.  That’s how we all feel right?  It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; it’s how you played the game.  Yeah right!


Earlier this season, I honestly felt I had the team to beat.  I knew that I took some chances, in early May, on tomato cans such as Kordell Stewart and Stacy Mack but I felt that the core of my team was the best in this little tournament.  I got that feeling especially after having a draft in early September with many of the Fantasy Shark experts that were in this survivor league.  My first five pick (Clinton Portis, Corey Dillion, Eric Moulds, Peyton Manning, and Jeremy Shockey) all went 5 – 15 slots higher, in a league flush with 10+ year fantasy football owners.  Obviously, Portis is the exception.  I took him at #3, which is where he went in September too.


Some things went right.  Manning and Portis averaged over 22 points per week.  Shockey chipped in from the Tight End position with more than 12 per week.  My kickers were a success considering they were both taken very late.  Jeff Wilkens averaged nearly 15 a contest and Ryan Longwell managed a respectful 10 plus.  Backup Tight End Freddie Jones averaged me a 10 in games he played including some big ones.  And finally the San Francisco D, which was my last pick, has been stellar pulling down better than 14 points each Sunday.


Many picks didn’t work out.  Corey Dillon was one of the biggest busts of 2003.  What seemed to be one of the best value picks in the draft grabbing him at #22 ended up costing me dearly with his injuries and lack of production.  The same can be said about Kordell Stewart, he came with a high-risk price tag and I paid the piper.  Thank God Manning is so consistently productive.  In the end I really wasn’t affected much by my backup QB’s struggles.  That, however, cannot be said for my entire Wide Receiver core.  Mssrs. Moulds, Stallworth, Morgan, and Taylor were unmitigated disasters.  Moulds, who has had to deal with injuries and an ice cold Quarterback, has at least averaged 13+ a week in the games he’s played.  The other three stooges didn’t even come close to producing double-digit scores per contest.  I’m not even sure if Donte` Stallworth played this year.  Is he still in the league?  Anyone seen him?  I’d like to bring him some soup.


Like I said earlier, with the mixed bag or successes and failures I drafted, I did pretty well making it this deep into the contest.  To our fans, I promise some substantial shake-ups in my front office and scouting department.  We are taking no prisoners in 2004!

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