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Survivor Exit Interview

Is there a support group for bye week casualties? If so, please sign me up. Heading into week five, my team was flying high. The most points scored in the entire league (606) averaging 151.5 per week, posting the highest score in week two, tying for the highest score in week one and posting the second highest score in weeks three and four. After scores of 156, 155, 155, & 140, my team laid a huge egg in week five posting only 78 points. This happened with my 2nd and 3rd round picks on a bye (Terrell Owens & Donovan McNabb). Both of which were lighting up the sky with all their fantasy points. So much for my team depth.

Here’s a breakdown of what went right and horribly wrong:

What Went Right

My Running Backs

– LaDainian Tomlinson: The #2 pick in the draft lived up to his selection averaging close to 24 PPW (points per week). No complaints.

– Onterrio Smith: In the three weeks Smith played prior to his bye week and suspension, he averaged 22.7 PPW. For a 9th round pick, this was huge. The suspension completely hung me out to dry, but I couldn’t complain with his production.

– DeShaun Foster: With Stephen Davis going down, this 8th round pick was working out better than expected. Averaging 15.5 PPW, Foster was producing big time…until he got hurt in week five when I needed him the most.

My Philly Connection

– Owens & McNabb: Some people scoffed at selecting this duo in rounds 2 & 3. With McNabb averaging 24.5 PPW and Owens 24 PPW, the nay sayers were very quiet.

My Tight Ends

– Jeremy Shockey/Randy McMichael: Both Shockey and McMichael were unpopular picks. Shockey with the questions surrounding his health and McMichael with his domestic problems. Through week five, they were ranked 3rd and 4th in the league in points scored for TEs.

What Went Wrong

WR/QB Depth

– Peerless Price, Koren Robinson, Rod Gardner: Of the three, only Gardner averaged more than 8.5 PPW and that was due to a huge week 3 in which he posted 38 points. Take that week out, and it’s 6 PPW. Price at 6.8 PPW and Robinson at 8.5 PPW were both major disappointments.

– Kyle Boller: Ugh. 9 PPW and honestly, I shouldn’t have expected any more than that. Just an awful pick. He’s officially on my list of “Guys I’ll never draft again”.

Wrong choice on RBBC

– T.J.Duckett: One of my quotes on Duckett was that Dunn runs hot and cold and when Dunn is cold, Duckett will see his fair share of action. Unfortunately, Dunn got off to a hot start keeping my 2nd RB selected in Round 5 on the bench. His 4.2 PPW were not good at all for a 5th round pick.

Team Defense

Miami, Buffalo: Neither team defense did much at all. Miami averaged 102 PPW and Buffalo was worse at 9.8 PPW. Neither team ranked in the top 10 and both can be considered disappointments.


O.Mare/J.Nedney: Yes, even kickers can cause your fantasy team pain when one of them (Nedney) is out for the season with a torn hamstring and the other (Mare) averaged only 6.8 PPW before getting hurt in warmups (!) prior to week five.


In summary, week five was the week I needed my team to pick up the slack from missing T.O and McNabb. Instead, Foster and Mare got hurt. Smith was suspended. Boller posted a whopping TWO points and Duckett didn’t get a single carry. That all adds up to 78 points and a ticket home. Lessons learned: Never draft Kyle Boller, avoid RBBC at all costs, and be prepared for bye weeks. It was fun while it lasted. Now it’s time to focus on my other four leagues.

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