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Survivor Pool Analysis – Week 14

Most fantasy leagues begin their playoffs as we kick off Week 14, but this week is equally as important for those still alive in survivor pools. Check out the game-by-game analysis for Week 14.

Limited on time this week so here is a quick breakdown of each game…


Browns @ Steelers – I would look outside of the divisional game as Cleveland upset the Steelers a few years ago on a Thursday night game late in the season. However, the circumstances are a bit different now, so if you must use the Steelers, they are a potential pick.


Colts @ Ravens – If you have Baltimore, they’re your best Week 14 option.

Texans @ Bengals – I think Cincinnati will pick up a win and Houston’s win streak is bound to be snapped. I would stay away, but I’m picking the Bengals.

Raiders @ Packers – You probably have used the Pack by now, but they’re an option.

Chiefs @ Jets – The Jets need to finish the season strong and they’ll pick up a home win this weekend.

Vikings @ Lions – Detroit will look to get back on track this week and I think they’ll be able to handle Minnesota, who has been playing decent of late.

Saints @ Titans – I would avoid this game on both sides.

Eagles @ Dolphins – This is a tough one to predict as Miami has played hard the last eight weeks or so while the Eagles have been the biggest disappointment of the 2011 season.

Patriots @ Redskins – New England is an option, but go with a home team this week since there are more options.

Falcons @ Panthers – Pass on this game.

Bucs @ Jaguars – See above.

49ers @ Cardinals – The 49ers are still going to be playing hard for the 2 seed, but I would rather stay away from them on the road in the division.

Bears @ BroncosTim Tebow will face one of the best defenses in the league on Sunday and this should be an interesting watch. Denver’s win streak will eventually come to an end and while the Bears offense should not be able to do much, I still want to avoid this game.

Bills @ Chargers – It was only one win in Jacksonville so don’t jump on that Chargers bandwagon just yet. I know Philip Rivers has a great December record and Buffalo is coming from the east coast for this game, but I still cannot put too much faith in the Chargers. However, it is Week 14 and your options may be limited so I will put San Diego on the list of choices this weekend.



Giants @ Cowboys – Battle for the division in the NFC East. Great primetime game.


Rams @ Seahawks – The same cannot be said for this primetime match-up. Seattle is a decent choice at home.



There are plenty of options this weekend, which is rare for this late in the season. The top selection is Baltimore. After the Ravens, the Packers are the next best option followed by the Jets, Seahawks, Chargers, & Lions (in order).

Good luck in Week 14!

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