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Survivor Pool Analysis – Week 6

Well, it appears that the Giants will be the survivor killer of 2011 with their loss in the final minutes against Seattle at home. If you are still alive, you are probably in good shape with the amount of people that were eliminated this weekend. Check out Week 6’s game-by-game analysis, which includes another six teams on a bye.


This is a week where I do not expect too many upsets because all but one home team is favored this week. Therefore, there are several good options this weekend.


Rams @ Packers – If you have Green Bay, it’s time to use them at home against the winless Rams. St. Louis is coming off a bye, but the Packer pass attack will be no match for their defense. The Packers are a top Week 6 selection.


Jaguars @ Steelers – Pittsburgh was a selection in Week 2 against the Seahawks, so they are probably not available for you, but if you have them, you can go with Pitt this week. However, they have a favorable schedule the rest of the way and I like the Packers more this week.


Eagles @ Redskins – Stay away from the NFC East rivalry. Will there be a week in the season when you can confidently pick the Eagles?


49ers @ Lions – I’m not buying the 49ers yet, but this game comes at a good time for them. The Lions played in front of an extremely energetic crowd on Monday night against a divisional opponent and came out 5-0. While they could have at least one loss if not for their late comebacks against Minnesota and Dallas, they are still due for a loss. This could be the one with them on a short week. I just don’t have a lot of confidence in the 49ers, but a win in Detroit would show me something.


Panthers @ Falcons – The Falcons look unimpressive this season and they were expected to be NFC South division champions in the preseason, but that doesn’t look so good right now. The Panthers have been a surprise team and have fought in every game. Avoid.


Colts @ Bengals – The Colts are 0-5 and I hate to bet against winless teams, but Cincinnati has been playing well and Cedric Benson looks to have avoided his suspension for another week. The Colts let a big lead slip away to Kansas City at home last week and that may take the wind out of their sails. The Bengals are a potential pick this week.


Bills @ Giants – The Bills are coming off a big win against Philadelphia at home and I think that puts the Giants in a good spot this week. I feel that they will rebound at home after a bad loss to Seattle. Stay in away in survivor.


Texans @ Ravens – There have been some bad breaks for the Texans as they are without Andre Johnson for another game and now Mario Williams for the season. This is still a good game, but Baltimore will know that Houston is going to rely on the run and should be able to handle them coming off the bye. I would not risk this game in survivor, though.


Browns @ Raiders – Oakland is playing with some emotion right now and picked up a big win in Houston last week. They’ll come back home to face Cleveland in what should be a dominating game for them on the ground. Oakland is a potential pick.


Cowboys @ Patriots – I would hold off on New England another week with the Cowboys coming off a bye. I expect the Patriots to win, but would not take them this week.


Saints @ Bucs – The only home underdog of the week are the Bucs and they are a team I like this week, despite their blowout loss last weekend and potentially being without LeGarrette Blount. The Saints are playing in their third straight road game and I liked the Panthers last week in my column to give them trouble and cover the spread. I think the Bucs will do the same this weekend and even win out right. I know the Saints are clicking right now, but winning three straight road games in the NFL is not easy.



Vikings @ Bears – The line in this game is only Bears minus three points. I would have figured they would have been a little bit of a higher favorite. I wonder if it is because the Bears are not that good or if Vegas thinks the Vikings are not that bad. I don’t think it is the latter and therefore it suggests the Bears are not a good football team. They lack any wide receivers whatsoever and Matt Forte can only do so much. I think Donovan McNabb will be running for his life when they choose not to run Adrian Peterson. I would have thought about recommending Chicago, but it is a divisional game so I will pass.



Dolphins @ Jets – The Jets are in must-win territory and I think they will get the job done on Monday night at home, especially with Matt Moore starting for the Dolphins. However, you cannot touch this rivalry as too many crazy things have happened.



My top selection for Week 6 would be the
PACKERS followed by the
RAIDERS, STEELERS, & BENGALS. If you are willing to take a risk, go with the Raiders or Bengals. If you want to play it safe, go with the Packers. We are in the second of four weeks where six teams have a bye. The options are slimmer during these weeks so choose wisely.

Look ahead to Week 7:

BYES = Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, NY Giants, Philadelphia, San Francisco


Lions – Coming off a big emotional game on Monday night

Saints – They are a more-than-a-field goal favorite on the road and you shouldn’t be thinking abot taking them in a divisional road game

Jets – Rivalry game on Monday night. I know Matt Moore is starting and I still am picking the Jets, but avoid this game.


Good luck in Week 6!

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