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Survivor Pool – Week 5

Well, it was another rough week for Survivor pool participants as

Denver lost to

Kansas City and the Cowboys were edged by the Redskins. You can never trust those divisional games … and that’s the exact reason I stay away from them, but I went against it for two straight weeks and look where it got me. Eliminated.

The Rules:



Stay away from road teams.



Stay away from divisional matchups.



Never take a divisional team on the road.


Teams chosen:

Week 1


Pittsburgh Steelers (win – defeated

Houston 38-17)

Week 2


New York Giants (win – defeated @ St. Louis 41-13)

Week 3

: New England Patriots (loss – lost to

Miami 38-13)

Week 4


Denver Broncos (loss – lost @

Kansas City 33-19)


For those who are still alive, I will still break down each game:

On to Week 5…

Chiefs @ Panthers:

Carolina is definitely worth a look this week.

Bears @ Lions: Avoid.

Falcons @ Packers: Rodgers’ shoulder okay? Not sure, so stay away.

Chargers @ Dolphins: Road team, keep away.

Seahawks @ Giants: No Plaxico for NYG and coming off a bye the Giants are not traditionally good. Look elsewhere.

Redskins @ Eagles: Once again, best division in sports.

Titans @ Ravens: A dogfight in

Baltimore. Should be a great defensive battle.

Colts @ Texans: Colts only a slight road favorite here. They can’t go 1-3, right? Wait to use the Colts when they are home. I know they are 0-2 in the new stadium, but still.

Bucs @ Broncos: Good NFC-AFC battle showcasing defense vs. offense.

Bills @ Cardinals: Another tough game to call with

Buffalo traveling west.

Patriots @ 49ers: East to west again and not trusting them after the

Miami debacle. The Niners are not a bad team, either.

Bengals @ Cowboys: 0-5 is on the horizon for the Bengals. The Cowboys will come out and destroy Cincy this week after losing to the ‘Skins at home. And that’s considering Carson Palmer is playing. If he is out, then this could get real ugly.

Steelers @ Jaguars: Like the Jags to win, but not for Survivor pools.

Vikings @ Saints: Two good primetime matchups this week. Sunday Night (PIT/JAX) and this one.




Cowboys over Bengals

Panthers over Chiefs

I am going to change this up a bit and not pick just one team. I will pick a couple teams I like this week and rate them from most to least confident. I will pick one main team I am most confident in, though.

Most confident


Cowboys over Bengals &

Panthers over Chiefs

Gutsy pick


Jaguars over Steelers

You should still have either

Dallas or

Carolina in your pool. I would go with the Panthers since I rate them as confident as

Dallas this weekend. When that happens, hold on to the better team.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

Good luck this week!

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