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Survivor Pool – Week 6

The most confident picks came through last week with the Cowboys and Panthers. If you had the Cowboys, you had to be a little nervous in the second half in that game. However, you came away with the win. Survive and advance.


The Rules:




Stay away from road teams.



Stay away from divisional matchups.



Never take a divisional team on the road.


On to Week 6 …


Bears @ Falcons: Stay away.


Ravens @ Colts: Avoid the

Baltimore vs. former-Baltimore game.


Lions @ Vikings: Divisional game, yes, but the Lions are awful. And if Kitna is out, they will start an inexperienced QB. The Vikes should get something going after that Monday night win and take care of business at home.


Raiders @ Saints: The Saints need to rebound after that MNF fiasco and have a prime chance to do that against the Raiders. They’ll be in the Superdome and you have to like their chances against

Oakland. There’s a new head coach for the Raiders and don’t expect his first win to come this Sunday.


Bengals @ Jets: I’d look elsewhere. The Bengals are 0-5, but have played the Giants and Cowboys to the wire.


Panthers @ Bucs: Should be a good one.


Rams @ Redskins: The Skins are on fi-ya. They are at home vs. the Rams, who are Linehan-less. Something about this game scares me since the Skins are coming off back-to-back hard-fought road divisional wins. It may be hard for them to get up for the Rams, who are coming off a bye. I’m not predicting a Ram win here, but it will be closer than you think.


Dolphins @ Texans: Give

Miami credit for beating New England and

San Diego before and after the bye. Give

Houston credit for playing 55 great minutes against the Colts. Can’t get a good feel for this one, but if had to make a pick, I’d go

Houston at home.


Jaguars @ Broncos: Good AFC battle.


Cowboys @ Cardinals: Don’t do it.


Eagles @ 49ers: Philly on the west coast with possibly no Westbrook. Stay away.


Packers @ Seahawks: Avoid.


Patriots @ Chargers: See above.


Giants @ Browns: The Super Bowl champs look great, but don’t use them on the road on Monday night. There are other options to use this week.


#1 confidence rating:


#2 confidence rating

: Redskins & Saints


The Vikings should thrash the Lions at home in a game they still need to have to get to .500. Even though it’s a divisional game, the Lions are pitiful and have problems all over starting at quarterback.

Minnesota is my main choice this week followed by

Washington and

New Orleans.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at


Good luck this week!


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