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Survivor Pools in Week 8

My top three picks in the Giants, Texans and Buccaneers all won last week, and you should have survived in your pool if you followed that advice. Week 9 showcases some fairly close games and that spells trouble for survivor pool participants. Check out my game-by-game analysis for this weekend …


The Rules:




Stay away from road teams.



Stay away from divisional matchups.



Never take a divisional team on the road.


Onto Week 8 …


Bucs @ Cowboys – If this game was in

Tampa, it’d be a different story. Don’t go down with a road squad in a game that should be close.


Redskins @ Lions – See the Bucs @ Cowboys analysis. However, the Lions are winless so it’s a bit different, but I’m a little wary of picking against teams that haven’t won this late in the season.


Buffalo @ Miami – Should be a good AFC East game. Dolphins need the win to stay in contention. If the fish win, and I think they will, that division will get much closer.


Rams @ Patriots – Not a bad pick are the Pats this week since they looked better on MNF. A lot of that was the play of the Broncos, but still have to give NE credit. The Rams have won two straight against NFC East teams (Washington and Dallas), though, so it puts some doubt into this selection.


Chargers @ Saints – Not picking this

London game. A very intriguing game between preseason favorites. Winner saves their season and loser falls to 3-5. However, the Chargers are only one game back of the Broncos in the West.


Chiefs @ Jets – Herman Edwards comes back to the Meadowlands again. The Jets are not a good football team and they have showed it this year. However, the Chiefs are worse and Larry Johnson-less. The Jets will win this game and jump over .500. If you have the Jets, you have to use them this week.


Falcons @ Eagles – Brian Westbrook should play, but in his first week back, let’s make sure he is all right. Both birds are coming off a bye this week and while I still expect an Eagle W, you should still avoid this game.


Raiders @ Ravens – Baltimore should be a good selection over

Oakland, but I have more confidence in the Jets. The Ravens don’t have much offense and I can see a 13-10 game in the third quarter that you will be sweating out until the finish.


Cardinals @ Panthers – I like the Panthers since I don’t trust the Cards away from the desert, but you can’t touch this one in survivor pools.


Browns @ Jaguars – The Jags should get the win off the bye against the Browns, but

Cleveland has been tough to gauge the last few weeks. Just because of that, I think I’ll stay away.

Bengals @ Texans – If you didn’t use them last week, you have the opportunity again this week. The Texans are a decent football team, and if they didn’t blow the game to the Colts, they could be 3-3 and right there in the thick of things in the AFC. The Bengals should be without Carson Palmer again this week and that makes this pick even easier.


Giants @ Steelers – 5-1 NFC team vs. 5-1 AFC team. All eyes will be on this matchup in Week 8. Up to this moment, this should be the most anticipated game this season. Hopefully it will live up to the hype.


Seahawks @ 49ers – A gutsy call would be to go with the Niners at home with the debut of their new coach. However, that’s a bit too risky for me since it’s a divisional game.


Colts @ Titans –

Indianapolis 3-4 and

Tennessee 7-0 after Week 8? Say it ain’t so. It just may happen. But don’t count Peyton and Colts out yet.


Most confident to least confident:

1. Jets – Gotta love them against Tyler Thigpen and no LJ for KC.


2. Texans – Read my game analysis on this one as the Texans aren’t a bad team. The Bengals are winless and I know I said that scares me a bit, but being on the road is a different story.


3. Eagles – I like the Eagles to get back on track with Westbrook after the bye. I trust them more than I do the Ravens.


Team to avoid that looks good on paper


Buffalo Bills. The 5-1 record for the first-place Bills sure does stand out while the last place Dolphins sit at 2-4. However, it’s an AFC East divisional battle in the south. Don’t touch the hot stove.



recommend taking the Jets

this week without question. If you have them, use them. If you do not, then go with one of the other options.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at



Good luck this week!


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