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Survivor Pools – Week 11

My three picks all won last week, including my No. 1 pick in the Dolphins. As we get further in the season, it only gets tougher as your available teams become slimmer. Be wary of the road teams this week as they could be very tempting, especially the 9-0 Titans. Take a look at my Week 11 game-by-game analysis.


The Rules:




Stay away from road teams.



Stay away from divisional matchups.



Never take a divisional team on the road.


On to Week 11 …


Broncos @ Falcons – People are finally starting to believe in

Atlanta and they’re home against

Denver this week. Let’s just hope they don’t read their own headlines and think they can just show up and win. I’m gonna stay away this week.


Eagles @ Bengals –

Cincinnati is not a good team and QB Carson Palmer continues to be sidelined so you have to like the Eagles coming off a tough home loss to the Giants. The only issue is they are on the road.


Bears @ Packers – Another big NFC North game for the Pack. This entire division is going to come down to the final week of the season and the Vikes, Pack and Bears battle for the title while the Lions attempt to achieve imperfection.


Texans @ Colts – Look out for the Colts, who just got a big win in

Pittsburgh. Speaking of looking out, see who is coming to town? The Colts’ favorite player, Sage Rosenfels. It’s a divisional game and I’m not sure how Sage will perform after his last encounter with Indy.


Saints @ Chiefs – The Chiefs are playing hard and they’re in Arrowhead. The Saints cannot afford a loss this weekend and if they do, they’re done. I’m going to stay away.


Raiders @ Dolphins – If you didn’t use the fish last week, ride the wave this week.

Miami should continue their solid play and take care of the Raiders coming from west to east for the early kickoff.


Ravens @ Giants – Not much to say here as you probably used the Giants at this point and this should be a good game, anyway.


Vikings @ Bucs – Stay away.


Lions @ Panthers – Good week to use the Panthers after they should want to get that

Oakland taste out of their mouths. Actually anyone who plays

Detroit is a good bet. A big day for Steve Smith is on tap.


Rams @ 49ers – Avoid this mess.


Cardinals @ Seahawks – Don’t take the Cards on the road after the Monday night game in which they should have lost. QB Matt Hasselbeck returns for the ‘Hawks so don’t mess with this game.


Chargers @ Steelers – The Steelers will win, but stay away.


Titans @ Jaguars – The Titans will lose this Sunday in

Jacksonville. It will be a very physical game and I think the Titans finally drop a game. They had a tough game last week in

Chicago and came away with the win. The Titans are still the best in the AFC, but

the Jaguars will win this game. For survivor purposes don’t have that many guts, though – avoid this game.


Cowboys @ Redskins – No

Clinton Portis for the Skins? That could be a problem. The Cowboys could get back into the hunt with a big win away from Big D. I think they do regardless of Portis’ status.


Browns @ Bills – The Bills would be a gutsy pick after the way they have played of late, but I like them at home on Monday night. Their season is on the line and they have to turn around things quick. I don’t think

Buffalo is that good of a team, but they do have some talent. RB Marshawn Lynch needs to get it going and I think that starts on MNF. Think about the Bills if you don’t have the easier options.



1. Panthers

2. Dolphins

3. Eagles

4. Bills


The Panthers and Dolphins are the two main picks this week.

The Eagles are not higher because they are on the road and I was tempted to put

Buffalo above them, but decided that the Eagles can’t lose to the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Bengals after losing on SNF. You could flip-flop the Bills and Eagles though and I would not have a problem with it. I’m not big on taking road teams and it cost me this year when

Denver traveled to

Kansas City. If I followed my own rules, I would still be alive! So, if you are still breathing, don’t make the same mistake I did.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at Thanks for all of the feedback so far.


Good luck this week!

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