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Survivor Pools – Week 12



Packers @
Lions – Thanksgiving game, stay away, never know with the home cooking.


Raiders @
Cowboys – Have to like the Boys at home on

Turkey day. They haven’t played
well the last two weeks and

is coming off a big win against the Bengals. Two big wins for them in a row is


Giants @
Broncos – Stay away from this game. Should be the closest one of the day, but you
may sleeping by then or not even get the game on NFL Network.




@ Bills – Divisional game so stay away, but

Miami needs this road game to keep their
wildcard hopes alive.


@ Jets – Avoid this game with teams that don’t seem to want to win. The Jets
were 3-0, but have gone 1-6 since. The Panthers fought back to a record of 4-5,
but lost at home on Thursday night to the Fish.


Browns @
Bengals – Love the Bengals to rebound at home. Divisional game, but

Cincinnati will be ready
for a big bounce back on Sunday. Top option this week.


Colts @
Texans – Is this the week? I think it could be. The Texans played the Colts
well last time and probably should have won. The AFC South is such a crazy
division. The Jaguars, Titans, and Texans games are always very unpredictable,
no matter what their record is. It looked like the Texans could pick up a Monday
night win at home and move to 6-4, but they fell short. Sitting at 5-5 with a
game against the undefeated Colts looming, it appears the Texans are in
trouble. However, expected the unexpected in this division.


Bucs @
Falcons –

should get back on track, with or without Michael Turner, against the Bucs on
Sunday. The Falcons need a win in order to stay alive in the NFC playoff
picture and they’ll do so. Here’s your second option thus far, and its another
home team in a divisional matchup.


@ Eagles – The Birds handled the Skins in

on Monday night a few weeks back, but after watching the Redskins almost pull
off the win in

last week, I’m going to stay away.


@ Rams – Avoid this NFC West game with the Rams playing better of late. It
looks like they’re going to win one of these games and

Seattle does not look good at all.


Chiefs @
Chargers – Two straight wins against quality opponents for

Kansas City? Not going to happen. It was a
nice victory last week in overtime against

Pittsburgh, but the Chargers are extremely
hot right now. Let the theme continue, home divisional teams…


Jaguars @
49ers – Tough game to call. The 49ers need a win or they’re season is done.
They’re likely done anyway, but they still have a glimmer of hope. The Jaguars
could quality improve to 7-4 with a West coast victory.

Bears @
Vikings – Jay Cutler is playing terrible right now, but avoid the rivalry.


Sunday Night


@ Ravens – This one should be fun. I’ll take

Baltimore, with or without Ben.


Monday Night


@ Saints – Another exciting primetime game. I really want to pick

New England because I think Brady can light it up in the
Superdome, but that’s the X-factor right there – the Superdome. Saints keep the
dream alive.



: Cowboys, Chargers, Bengals,
Falcons. In that order. I like putting my trust in home teams. If you do not
have any of those available, then take a shot with the Eagles. If you want to
risk your pool in Week 12 with a road team, the only team I would take a chance
with would be the Packers.


Good luck
and Happy Thanksgiving!



Detroit or

will actually give us a decent game…



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