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Survivor Pools – Week 15

The Colts, Cardinals and Bears all won last weekend, while the last choice (the Packers) continued their struggles and lost to

Houston at home. One of my tempting picks to avoid in the Jets did go down in

San Francisco, but do I think they will rebound at home? There are just three weeks to play in the regular season and we are coming down to the wire. Check out Week 15’s game-by-game analysis and continue your survivor run until the end …


The Rules:




Stay away from road teams.



Stay away from divisional matchups.



Never take a divisional team on the road.




I apologize for the briefness of this article this week, but it has been a busy week.


On to Week 15


Saints @ Bears – Good TNF game.


Buccaneers @ Falcons – Divisional game. Avoid.


Redskins @ Bengals – ‘Skins are a mess right now on and off the field. It’s tempting, but I am not big on the road team.


Lions @ Colts –

Indianapolis is obvious if you have them.


Chargers @ Chiefs – Divisional game. Avoid.


Seahawks @ Rams – See above.


49ers @ Dolphins – Frank Gore’s availability is key for this game, but are the Dolphins looking ahead? They have been squeaking by inferior opponents lately and this could be a game where they finally go down.


Bills @ Jets – The Bills have been playing terrible football lately and it appears J.P. Losman will start Sunday. I like the Jets to come back with a big win at home and stay on track for a playoff berth.


Titans @ Texans – The time to take the Titans is over. You should have used them by now.


Packers @ Jaguars – Two teams that are tough to figure out.


Vikings @ Cardinals – Stay away.


Broncos @ Panthers – Panthers should win, but Jay Cutler and his passing attack is still a threat.


Steelers @ Ravens – Have the first aid kit handy.

Patriots @ Raiders – The status of

Matt Cassel is an issue, although I think he will play. I don’t like touching those cross-country games, though. See last week for the Pats, who barely beat



Giants @ Cowboys – The Cowboys have a lot on the line, but the Giants can’t afford to lose two straight games at this point in the season. Great Sunday night game.


Browns @ Eagles – The Eagles are going to make the playoffs. Before they do that, they’ll romp the Browns at home on MNF. They’re a top pick this weekend.




1. Colts

2. Eagles

3. Jets

4. Panthers


Tempting pick that I am avoiding:

Redskins – They’re done. There are obvious problems with the relationship between coach Jim Zorn and Clinton Portis. They began the season 6-2, but have just collapsed since then. The Bengals are not a good team at all, but I expect them to play better after the 35-3 beating they received from the Colts.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at Thanks for all of the feedback so far.


Good luck this week!

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