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Survivor Pools – Week 9

Well, all three of my selections won last week (the Jets, Texans and Eagles) and the team I told you to avoid that may have looked good on paper (the Buffalo Bills), lost. So hopefully you took my advice last week. Let’s take a look at the week ahead.


The Rules:




Stay away from road teams.



Stay away from divisional matchups.



Never take a divisional team on the road.




On to Week 9…


Jets @ Bills – Tempting to go with the Bills since the Jets are awful, but it’s a divisional game and I’ll stay away.


Lions @ Bears – Lions, in

Chicago, against the Bears … oh my. The Bears are a 13-point favorite and the Lions are bad. It’s a divisional game so you never know, but

Chicago should run all over the Lions.


Jaguars @ Bengals – Stay away even though the Jags can’t lose this one.


Ravens @ Browns – A dog fight in the dawg pound.


Packers @ Titans – When will the Titans lose? Could it be this week after the big MNF defeat of the Colts? This should be a good NFC-AFC battle.


Cardinals @ Rams – Big NFC West game.


Texans @ Vikings – Wow, there are a lot of close games this week.


Bucs @ Chiefs – Road game for the Bucs after that tough loss in

Dallas. I like

Tampa to rebound and give the city a boost after the World Series loss. Brett Favre made the Chiefs look good last week and they’re not. No LJ again for KC. Gotta like the Bucs.


Dolphins @ Broncos –

Denver should win, but it’s not a given.


Falcons @ Raiders – Don’t like going with road teams across the country.


Cowboys @ Giants – Tempting to go with Big Blue, but it’s still the Cowboys and you’ve probably used the Giants anyway, so this is probably a moot point.


Eagles @ Seahawks – Eagles should win this one with Matt Hasselbeck still sidelined for the Seahawks, but I have more faith in

Tampa @ KC than the Birds in



Patriots @ Colts – Colts are a gutsy pick this week to rebound as they need the win to avoid starting 3-5. It’s risky, but it may be worth it with the minimal options this week.


Steelers @ Redskins – Avoid. Great MNF matchup, though.




Chicago Bears



Bay Bucs


If I had to pick a third, I’d go with the Eagles, but prefer the other two if you have them.



recommend taking the Bears

this week over the Bucs because they are home. The Lions being winless does concern me a bit, but

Detroit does not play well on the road. If and when they get that first win, it will be at home. Don’t get me wrong, the Bucs are not bad either since they should rebound off that loss in Big D. Speaking of D, the

Tampa defense should frustrate the Chiefs to no end.


There are not many options this week, so hopefully you will survive and advance!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at Thanks for all of the feedback so far.


Good luck this week!

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