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Survivor Week 11

Seven weeks remain in the NFL season, but it would take an outstanding effort to make it through this stretch of upsets. Three teams stand out as selections this week. Check out the breakdown to help make your choice this weekend!

For those who have been reading for the last few years, my golden rule is to avoid the road teams, especially early in the season when you have more options. I also do not like to take divisional games if I can avoid them. However, it is understood that you may not have a choice some weeks to follow those rules. It is also more difficult now as some survivor pools make you pick two teams down the stretch of the season to thin out the field.

It was a rough Week 10 as the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts were both trounced at home after opening as double-digit favorites. The New York Giants were the only winner of the three choices as they escaped an upset attempt by the Oakland Raiders. The “team to avoid” continued to be a bright spot as the San Francisco 49ers were beaten by the Carolina Panthers.

Let’s get into the action for Week 11

Thursday Night

Indianapolis at Tennessee – Definitely need to avoid this divisional game. It will be interesting to watch the Colts to see if they can get back on track. Since the Denver game and the loss of

Reggie Wayne

, they have only looked good for about one quarter of play in two games.

Sunday and Monday Games

Seven games this week include point spreads of three points or less. This doesn’t include the Washington at Philadelphia game that has the Eagles favored by 3.5. That makes eight games that you are probably going to be crossing off as options. The St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys have byes so that makes 18 teams unavailable this week. Denver and Seattle are big favorites, but you have likely exhausted both of those options. The Broncos game isn’t an automatic against Kansas City anyway.

The big choices this week include

Cincinnati (-6) vs. Cleveland

Houston (-7) vs. New England

Arizona (-7) at Jacksonville

New York Giants (-5) vs. Green Bay

*Out of the 18 teams I said are unavailable above, I would consider Chicago at home against Baltimore. All of the other games are too close to call in my opinion. The New Orleans Saints would be a desperate play, but in the Superdome they always have a chance to win no matter who the opponent is.

I am not a big fan of road teams and Arizona has to travel to the East Coast to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville initially lost eight straight, so what are the chances it wins two in a row? I’m not sure if I want to roll that dice. The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland and now get them at home. You would think their odds of splitting the season series with the Browns are high. Cincinnati just lost to Baltimore so the Bengals will be looking to get back to their winning ways. Normally I would avoid the divisional battle, but as you can see, the options are slim this week. The Houston Texans could be the top choice at home against Oakland as
Case Keenum

looks to pick up a win and halt this seven-game losing streak. The Oakland Raiders fought in the game against the New York Giants, but
Terrelle Pryor

did not look 100 percent. The Texans veterans have too much pride to lose to Oakland at home. I would rank the New York Giants the third option this week as they get to face another backup quarterback. If you are at this point of the season, you probably used the Giants last week in order to advance.

Top Picks

The Houston Texans are the selection this week followed by Cincinnati and the New York Giants.


I gave you the breakdown of the eight games that are essentially unavailable this week. I am avoiding those 16 teams, but if you want one big favorite to avoid, I would stay away from Arizona. The Cardinals have quietly been a decent team this year, but they are vastly better at home. A touchdown favorite on the road in the East coast time zone is very bold, especially for a team with a quarterback that has turned it over in every game this season.

Good luck in Week 11!

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