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Survivor – Week 15

Just three weeks remain in the regular season! Check out the breakdown to help make your choice in survivor this weekend!

For those who have been reading for the last few years, my golden rule is to avoid the road teams, especially early in the season when you have more options. I also do not like to take divisional games if I can avoid them. However, it is understood that you may not have a choice some weeks to follow those rules. It is also more difficult now as some survivor pools make you pick two teams down the stretch of the season to thin out the field.


Chargers @ Broncos – If you have Denver, feel free to use them.

Sunday & Monday Games

Panthers (-11) vs Jets

Cowboys (-7) vs Packers

Falcons (-7) vs Redskins

Colts (-5.5) vs Texans

This is the order of top selections for Week 15. If you have any of those teams, use them this week. I like to put my stock in the home teams as I feel more confident with the home-field advantage during this critical time of the year. The Panthers are the clear top choice while Dallas is second because Green Bay cannot beat anyone respectable without Aaron Rodgers. The Redskins are in disarray, but we will find out this week if they want to rally around their coach. Even if they do that, they still will not be able to stop the Falcons offense. Indianapolis has really struggled since the loss of Reggie Wayne, but they should be able to beat Houston at home.


I am going with any of those home teams instead of road favorites including Seattle, San Francisco, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and New Orleans. If you do not have any of the home teams, then I would consider some of these road teams. Philadelphia would be my top choice. The two west teams are traveling east and the Rams defense has carried them in a few games this year. Kansas City at Oakland is still a rivalry game.

Good luck in Week 15!

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