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Survivor – Week 17

We have reached the end of the road! I have picks for every Week 17 game that will help you make your choice in survivor this weekend and win your pool!

For those who have been reading for the last few years, my golden rule is to avoid the road teams, especially early in the season when you have more options. I also do not like to take divisional games if I can avoid them. However, it is understood that you may not have a choice some weeks to follow those rules. It is also more difficult now as some survivor pools make you pick two teams down the stretch of the season to thin out the field.

Sunday Games

Here are my straight up selections for Week 17:

Panthers over Falcons

Bears over Packers* (same pick with or without Rodgers)

Titans over Texans

Steelers over Browns

Giants over Redskins

Bengals over Ravens

Colts over Jaguars

Eagles over Cowboys

Dolphins over Jets

Vikings over Lions

Patriots over Bills

Saints over Bucs

Broncos over Raiders

Cardinals over 49ers

Chargers over Chiefs

Seahawks over Rams

I do not like to pick mainly favorites, but this is what happens in Week 17. A team I feel that could be the most vulnerable for an upset would be Miami. There is history between the Jets and Dolphins and New York would love nothing more than to finish off the Fish.

If I had to pick three teams I was the most confident in this week, I would say the Saints, Seahawks, and Broncos. After the three obvious teams, I like Pittsburgh over Cleveland and San Diego over Kansas City, who will be resting their starters.

Good luck in Week 17!

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