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Survivor – Week 3

Two weeks are down in survivor pools with a handful of upsets! Check out the breakdown for Week 3!

For those who have been reading for the last few years, my golden rule is to avoid the road teams, especially early in the season when you have more options. I also do not like to take divisional games if I can avoid them. However, it is understood that you may not have a choice to follow those rules some weeks. It is also more difficult now as some survivor pools make you pick two teams down the stretch of the season to thin out the field.

Let’s get into the action for Week 3:

Thursday Night

Chiefs @ Eagles – I would stay away in Andy Reid’s return to Philadelphia. The Eagles were very disappointing in Week 2, especially their defense.


Sunday & Monday Games

Top 3 Picks:

Seahawks – Favored by 20 points at home against the Jaguars is pretty much a no-brainer. I would likely only take Seattle at home. After looking through their schedule, I think this is the week to use them.

Broncos – I would rather use the Seahawks instead of Denver (vs. Oakland) this week. The Broncos face the Jaguars in a few weeks.

49ers – The 49ers are a solid play after losing last week, but why take a chance with them this week against a respectable opponent (Colts). San Francisco travels to Jacksonville in late October. Notice a trend with the Jaguars? See who they are playing and pick against them.

Should Be Winners:

Saints, Patriots, and Vikings all should be winners this week as well. It is probably best to wait until the Patriots are 100%. I would use the Saints at home this season for sure, but there are safer options this week. The Vikings are very intriguing with Brian Hoyer starting at QB for Cleveland. I would give it a strong look as you would figure the Vikings should get their first win of the season.


Last week I said to avoid the Saints and Lions. The Saints barely squeezed one out on the road while the Lions fell to the Cardinals. Keep away from those road teams, especially those who do not play as well away from home. Nothing really stands out in Week 3, as you should be avoiding the games that have a point spread of three or less, anyway.

Good luck in Week 3!

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