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Survivor – Week 6

I have a few rules, or guidelines really, that I take into account each week when making selections. I am not afraid to select a road team. Road teams win 40 percent of the time – that is about 100 wins per season that you are leaving on the table. Eliminating them as a selection puts you at a disadvantage from the start. I do, however, avoid divisional games at all costs. Now I know what you are thinking – “a team wins a divisional matchup 50 percent of the time. Eliminating them as a selection puts you at a disadvantage from the start.” I disagree. Divisional games are far too unpredictable. Lastly, I am not in the business of saving the strong teams for later in the season. You won’t have a chance to use them if you gamble with a loser early on.


Top Picks

Denver (@ Cleveland)Josh McCown’s best Aaron Rodgers impression will come to an end this weekend when the Broncos come to town. The superior play on the other side of the ball has allowed Peyton Manning to simply manage games and keep the team unbeaten.


Feeling Lucky

New York Jets (vs. Washington) – I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but the Redskins are still better than everyone thinks. They almost upset the Falcons last week on the back of their defense that ranks just outside the top 10. This game will be very close if Kirk Cousins can get his turnovers under control.

Arizona (@ Pittsburgh) – There seem to be rumors floating around that Ben Roethlisberger might make a return this Sunday. Either way, the Cardinals have been dominant on offense and defense… getting out to big leads and running away with games.



Minnesota (vs. Kansas City) – Losing Jamaal Charles is certainly a blow, but Knile Davis has filled in decently in the past and the incorporation of Charcandrick West can only help. The Vikings have been hot or cold depending on the day. Stay away since we still do not know exactly what Minnesota brings to the table.

Atlanta (@ New Orleans) – Thursday night. Division game. On the road. Possibly without Julio Jones? This has STAY AWAY written all over it. Somewhat surprising after their almost blunder last week, the Falcons are the 5th most popular pick this week.

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Jordan dreams of a world where kickers and defenses are picked in the last two rounds of fantasy drafts and the Carolina Panthers win the Superbowl every year. As a Fantasy Football Staff Writer at Fantasy Sharks, he is responsible for the weekly Survivor article during the regular season and is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA). When he is not giving advice and helping people win their fantasy champions, he can be found brewing his own beer... and drinking it!