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Survivor – Week 8

Week 7 was a straightforward week with the top favorites handling most of the underdogs. Four teams are on a bye this weekend, but there are five pivotal games on tap. I also think a home favorite is on upset alert this weekend. Checkout my analysis on this week’s games with a selection and a team you should avoid in your survivor pool.

Thursday Night Game

Tampa Bay at Minnesota –
I gave you the Vikings as the top pick last weekend so you may not have them this week. I would avoid the Thursday night game since the level of play does not seem to be as great. It does not appear that the Thursday night game has been as successful as hoped for in its first full season.

Sunday Games

The St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots battle in London, so I am not touching that game. There are tight divisional matchups between Miami and the New York Jets, the New York Giants and Dallas, Indianapolis and Tennessee, and Oakland at Kansas City. I would pass on all of these games. If I had to pick winners, I would choose the Dolphins, Giants, Titans, and Chiefs.

I think Chicago is a good option at home, followed by Denver. However, those are your second and third options since the Green Bay Packers are your best bet this weekend as two-touchdown favorites against Jacksonville.

In the other games not mentioned, I like the Philadelphia Eagles to hand Atlanta their first loss, Cleveland to win at home against San Diego, and Detroit to win in a toss-up against Seattle. I also like the Washington Redskins to upset Pittsburgh on the road. I do not like the way the Steelers are playing, and Alfred Morris will run tough against the Steelers defense. The Redskins just need to take care of the ball and they can win this game. With Troy Polamalu likely out again, Pittsburgh loses a key defender that forces those turnovers.

Monday Night Football

San Francisco at Arizona –
Pass on this divisional game. This should be all about defense, but the Cardinals have not been playing well of late.


Green Bay, Chicago, Denver (in that order). If you want to take a risk on one of the home teams, go with Tennessee at home against Indianapolis. The other games are too close to call.


Pass on Pittsburgh against Washington. See my reasoning above, but I like the Redskins to pull the upset here. The other game I would avoid is the New England-St. Louis game in London, since it is out of the norm. Save New England if you have them for when they are back in Massachusetts, or at least the United States.

Good luck in Week 8!

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