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Suvivor Analysis by Bill Leonard

Last year I provided some insightful analysis on the first Shark Survivor Draft.  Well, it wasn’t really that insightful, I didn’t come close to picking the eventual winner in Mike Rumsey.  Last year, he rode Priest Holmes to the winner’s circle.  Will he be able to repeat as the champion?  Possible.  Before I go into the analysis I’d like to again commend the 12 sharks that participated in the draft.  The draft was done in late May and so much has happened since that time.  I’m about to participate in the Mako Shark League so I welcome any and all criticism from sharks and members alike.  I’m not expecting to come out of the draft without a few scars, after all I am drafting with a bunch of sharks!


One other point I’d like to make is that all of the staff at FantasySharks are involved for one main reason.  They love fantasy football.  Are they all experts?  Of course not, nor do they claim to be.  As a reader you have to be able to find those of us whose style and strategy most closely match with your own and make decisions accordingly.  I certainly don’t want to read the same thing 25 different times by 25 different ‘experts’.  That’s part of the value behind this site.  You’re going to see a wide variety of opinions expressed.  If you don’t agree with those opinions we encourage you to write an article and we’ll give you the forum to express yours!  Anyway, we’re here to put out some quality content through our amazing staff, some serious ’behind the scenes’ apps and generate a little noise while we do it.  With that said, on the heels of ‘The worst pick ever’, I do declare that the winner of the Shark Survivor Draft WILL NOT be Joao Serrano!


Who will not win

Sorry Joao, besides QB I don’t think you’re strong at any other position.  Culpepper and Hasselbeck are capable of carrying this team and if you want to advance you’ll need to ride these two for everything they are worth.  Even so, I don’t think you’ll be able to ride them that long. 

Another team solid at QB but weak elsewhere is Rob Schare.  You passed over a number of RBs (Antowain Smith, Anthony Thomas and Warrick Dunn) to get Troy Hambrick.  We’ll see what kind of an impact the Tuna has in
Dallas but I’m not so sure Parcell’s can turn Hambrick into the next coming of Emmitt Smith.  The one thing that stands out with your draft is 3 kickers.  I’m still trying to come to grips with that.  Surely there must have been someone else out there.  Week 3 is going to be trouble for you, if you make it that far!


Last year I picked Team Coutts to be the last shark swimming.  Well, I won’t make that mistake again.  I question your QB selections.  Harrington hasn’t established himself, Plummer is in a new system, and Ramsey is part of a QB carousel in Washington.  You passed on Maddox and Brees.  I guess it’s about taking chances and unfortunately that may have cost you the chance at winning. 


Another year another bad draft.  Sorry Tony but you said it yourself.  It wasn’t a particularly good draft for you.  You were one of 3 owners that only took 3 WRs.  I think that’s a mistake.  WRs tend to emerge more so than RBs so that’s where you should be searching for the value.  You were also one of 4 owners that took more than 2 QBs.  Again, I think that’s a mistake.  Of the three quarterbacks, Collins is the only one that can put up decent numbers.  You’ve stuck to your guns though and drafted Davis and Green.  Only time will tell if those picks pan out.  Time is not your friend though and the clock is ticking.



Who will win!

Enough about who’s not going to win.  Who will take it this year?  That seems like a much harder question to answer this year.  I do like Mike Rumsey’s chances this year but he’s going to need to rely on a couple of WRs (Price and Conway) that traded teams in the offseason.  He may only have 1 starting RB in week 4 (James Stewart) and depending on how well his WR corps do will determine if he’s there in week 5.  We’ll see how well his strategy of drafting defenses early works out.  I think he’s counting on a lot of points from them. 


Dave Tchorz had a solid draft.  He’s got studs in Manning at QB, Portis at RB and Shockey at TE.  Plus he drafted a solid group of WRs and a capable second RB in Dillon.  Mike Dion’s team should do well too.  Impressive WRs (Driver, Rice, Robinson and Chambers) complement McNabb and Tomlinson. 


Tony brought on a couple new contributors this season and Pat Smith may be taking the sharks to school!  I like the potential at QB in Bledsoe and Maddox. Garner at RB will put up phenomenal numbers in this format because of his receiving skills.  I’ve said it before, he’s underrated.  Henry established himself as the starter and may have something to prove since the Bill’s drafted McGahee with their first round pick.  There’s a little motivation.  We know what Fred Taylor can do when healthy – that’s a big question mark though.  Washington paid top dollar for Coles and he should produce.  Josh Reed will fill in nicely for Peerless Price and Toomer will put up impressive stats.  He’s weak at TE but that’s okay.  I think that’s enough to carry him to the title.  How’s that for sucking up to the new guy?!


Good luck to all the Sharks participating in this year’s Survivor Draft.  May the best shark win!

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