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IDP BARGAIN BIN: Late-Round Linebacker Values

LB Preston Brown CIN

Preston Brown isn’t being drafted like a three-down middle linebacker for a bad Cincinnati team whose defense could be on the field a ton in 2019. Or like a player who racked up four straight 100-tackle seasons while with Buffalo — including 144 total stops two years ago.

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FANTASY FORECAST: Consistency 2019


One of the most difficult tasks in head-to-head fantasy leagues is trying to determine who the “hot” and “cold” players will be in any given week. You can’t use historical or seasonal averages because, well … by their very definition, ...

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Trey Flowers is also an excellent edge-setter, as evidenced by his 119 total tackles over the last two seasons. Flowers has finished inside the Top 20 defensive linemen each of the past two seasons. If he can goose that sack total a bit a move just inside the Top 10 is by no means out of the question.

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FANTASY FORECAST: The Curse of 325

Taylon Smith DAL tackles Saquon Barkley NYG

Every year, readers will point out how this season will be different, that their favorite runner will buck the odds … and every season, the math holds up. Don’t be unnecessarily reckless; if you’re at the top of your draft, convince some other suckers to grab Saquon Barkley or Christian McCaffrey.

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DRAFT DAY: Team Defenses


Buffalo is a great team defense to start the year with and you should have little trouble taking them very late in your draft. They start the season with a set of very favorable matchups (at New York Jets, at New York Giants, vs. Cincinnati).

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While you’re sitting on the clock in the mid- to late-rounds in your draft rooms this summer contemplating which WR to take, I want you to take a moment and really consider “Mr. Anderson” (said in my Agent Smith voice for all you Matrix fans out there) over the other WRs left available to you .

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BEST-BALL: Two Perfect Player Stacks


With the recent emergence of best-ball popularity among fantasy professionals and more casual players, everyone needs differentiation between players good for regular leagues and those who will win best-ball leagues. With best-ball leagues starting on Yahoo! for the first time ...

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SIMPLE FACTS: Ninety-Nine to Know

RB Dalvin Cook MIN

From Week 12 to Week 17 of last season, Dalvin Cook averaged 18.3 points per reception (PPR) league fantasy points per game. If you extrapolate that average to a full 16-game season, Cook would have finished with 292.8 points in 2018, which would have resulted in an RB6 finish.

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RB Damien Williams KC

Many thought that after the stunning news of RB Kareem Hunt’s release from the Kansas City Chiefs last season that the team would struggle to find another RB to replace his awesome production. Right about that same time Head Coach Andy Reid told those doubters, “hold my beer.”

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WHITE PAGES: Looking Up James White

RB James White NE

Welcome back, friends and family. It seems like it’s been an eternity since we last met up. A lot has happened – Le’Veon Bell won the war by losing a season’s worth of battles, Tom Brady won yet another championship, Larry Fitzgerald continued to not age, and Thanos was finally defeated.

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DRAFT DAY: Tips & Tricks

Fantasy Football Draft

There are a few simple practices that you can follow to kick-start your team for the season. You won’t win your fantasy season with just a good draft, but it sure helps to start the season ahead of the competition in your league.

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DRAFT DAY: Players to Avoid Rounds 1-3


Thielen is a great story, but he is being drafted way too high in fantasy leagues. With an ADP of 3.09 he is going higher than some premium wideouts that will outperform him such as Amari Cooper (3.10), Stefon Diggs (4.05) and Julian Edelman (4.08).

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