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Tazz Interview

Congrats TaZZ on becoming a Whale Shark (1000 messages) on the Message Boards!!

Thanks… is this a question?

Nope, but I can make it a question. Why did you change your screen name from RamsFan to Tazz?

Nope… rams_man13

So tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you..etc..etc.. What’s a typical day for you like?

I’m from Canada. I’m the youngest shark on here at 14 (turning 15 at the end of July). On a normal day I get up. Get ready, hop on a big ugly yellow bus. Drive to a big ugly building. Sit there for 8 hours pretending to listen to what teachers have to say. Watch the clock and trying to find out how long til summer. Then come home and catch up with the sharks.

Right now I’m on VACATION!!!

So you’re in school during the FF season, what are you doing on your summer vacation. Remember, this isn’t an essay question, just a simple “get to know Tazz” question.

I think it’s pretty clear I’m reading the posts at the tank. Also we’re moving.

Great. So, how long have you been participating in Fantasy Football?

0 years. Watched for around 5 years but am just trying it out this year for the first time.

Good luck with that. Are you nervous about getting a horrible team and ending up like the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays or Raptors? So many years in the sport and not that many trophies to show for it. Tragic, just tragic.

Since you’re a Canadian, do you watch curling, CFL or 5-pin bowling? Do you have any fantasy teams for those sports?

I watch the CFL to give me a bit of football but clearly it’s not as good as the NFL… because it’s Canadian. No CFL FF though.

And how many leagues are you involved in?

I’ll be in 3 this year. One is Youth FF, one with my friends and one with some sharks.

Team Name(s)

The Rookies on the one with my friends and I haven’t decided on any others.

So what do you think your best and worst pick of the year was?

Tell you when I start drafting.

Let me rephrase this one: Who would you pick first? Holms, LT2, Green or JJ Stokes?

Probably Holmes. LT2 is a great back but doesn’t have the supporting cast to make him the #1 pick. IMO and Green is my #2.

Cool. So lets move on to some NFL questions. How about who’s your NFL team?


What turned you onto the Rams as your favorite team? Being so close to some of the northern teams, why aren’t you a fan of, say, the Bills or Steelers? You have something against the northern teams?

Um, my friend is a Steelers fan so I can’t cheer for the same team. I watched a Rams game when I began to watch football and was blown away at what an extremely well balanced team they had. Great passing, running and D all on the field.

Your favorite NFL Player?

Tomlinson, Randy Moss, Ray Lewis, Tory Holt and Holmes

Any one particular player surprised you this year?


How about some questions about FantasySharks.com. So, about when did you first find us and how?

I found you in the middle of last season looking for info on Fantasy Football.

And now how often do you log on to FantasySharks.com?

At east 5 times a day

Since you’re such avid fan. Is there any other poster on the message boards that you respect the most?

Tony Holm, the master of the FF world. Seriously everyone should admire him because without him this site wouldn’t be here and we’d all have a tougher time winning our leagues. Other than that all the sharks are pretty smart and helpful… except to chum.

Hey, we were all chum once. We respect chum for having the courage to come into the deep waters.

Where’s the love for the shark who’s pushing work aside and taking time out of his day to give you this interview? Huh? What do you have to say for that?

Anything else you like to say to all your fans out there?

I Have FANS!!! They like me, the really like me!

Not really. We pay some of them to respond to your posts.

Last question. So, what will you do when you become a Great White Shark (1500 posts)?

Keep Posting.

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