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Ten Observations for Week 5

Nostradamus had a few bad weeks too. I’ll drop the “ND” after last week.

Okay, I officially bombed last week and still won in my main league. Here’s the scoop this week. These 10 or so guys are almost the same as last week, only different.

1. Hakeem Nicks– Nicks is the best looking WR I have seen since Anquan Boldin came out of Fla State. I was correct that the honey baked Manningham would be only a fill in. Nicks is as explosive as they come. With, Steve Smith drawing the attention this week, expect Nicks to get the majority of the work. NYG will run often setting up the play action pass deep. If Eli can stand the pain, I see Nicks with 5 catches for 83 yards and a score.

2. Mohammad Massaquoi will get a lot of attention from DB’s this week with the departure of Edwards. I expect Robert Royal to get lots of work and Brian Robiskie to start contributing. Keep these guys on your radar as the Browns will be playing from behind all season long. Chansi Stuckey should also be on your radar in the next few weeks.

3. Braylon Edwards is going to play Monday night. I expect Edwards to attract lots of attention while Jericho Cotchery gets steady work. I see him at seven catches for 88 yards and a score. Dustin Keller will also benefit from one on one coverage most of the game. Braylon will be used mostly as a decoy.

4. I really Like Nate Washington this week against Indy. I have him at 5 for 76 and a score. Indy will be busy trying to stop 4.24 Sunday evening.

5. Mike Sims-Walker has been solid and really biting into Torry Holt‘s catches. This week I don’t like either as the running game takes center stage.

6. Don’t underestimate Bengals receivers this week. Chris Henry is a sleeper play against Bal this week. With Andre Caldwell ailing, I see an underused Henry finding open spaces this week.

7. For those of you waiting on Donald Brown to take Addai’s job, the time is near. The rookie looks like the real deal. He just keeps scoring.

8. Take every player on the Rams off your rosters, Jackson is the only one with value. His value is dwindling. How do you spell T-R-A-D-E after his next big week.

9. Regardless of how bad you think the Lions are, they are the Miami Dolphins of two years ago. Look what the Fins are doing now. I think their confidence is building and it shows. I don’t own any Lions and don’t want for any, but Calvin Johnson gets his every week. Kevin Smith is starting to look the part of serious feature back. He has shown the kind of talent that made him a coveted pick out of UCF.

10. I am starting to wonder when the 49er secondary is going to give up a huge game to a wideout? I’m guessing it’s this week.

Can you guess which receiver? My guess is better than yours. It’s the 6’4″ , 215 lb, product of Ohio State.( Michael Jenkins)

You thought I was going to say Roddy White? Ryan will pick on 5’10” cb, Tarell Brown. Clements will be all over Roddy White drawing deep safety help over the top. Jenkins has adequate speed and good hands. He is often overlooked. Expect the falcons to exploit the weak link in the armor.

I’m going with 5 catches for 102 yards and a score even though the numbers don’t support this.

On Sunday, I’ll be the one with the remote, my flannel PJ’s, eating a short stack of flapjacks while pouring syrup from the curvacious Mrs. Butterworth directly into my mouth and reaching into my football cooler, next to the easy chair in my living room for a cold one. My newly acquired foozie in hand. Yep, it’s living room approved folks!

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